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Why do Belgian Malinois snap their teeth?

Why do Belgian Malinois snap their teeth? There’s nothing like biting air in front of a Belgian Malinois with 42 canine teeth. If these teeth are attached to a playful Belgian Malinois, attracting your attention may be his goal. A worried Belgian Malinois may also snap in the air as a warning. Usually, a Belgian Malinois is nervous – his hair is standing up – and then he says with a snap, “step back, I feel threatened.” If you keep getting closer, the next shot is likely to be more than just air.


Behavioral problems in Belgian Malinois dogs

If a Belgian Malinois bites in the air, he does not feel playful or threatening, which may be a sign of neurological or behavioral problems. Some people use “fly biting” or “fly catching” to describe dogs that look as if they are biting an invisible fly, rather than directly biting and licking people. Repeatedly catching flies may be a sign of seizures, which can usually be controlled with drugs. Other dogs, if they don’t get enough exercise or exciting games, will be out of breath because of boredom. This can lead to obsessive-compulsive disorder. Extra exercise and food puzzles may help to eliminate this behavior, but severe cases may require medication. If you don’t know why your dog bites in the air, consult your veterinarian. And the vet will nip this issue with the vet as soon as possible, and if you want to deal with this aggressive behavior together.

Emotional venting of Belgian Malinois dogs

Tooth chatter in Belgian Malinois dogs may be caused by good or bad stress. Does your Belgian Malinois gnant as you prepare food or grab its leash? If so, anticipation and / or excitement can be the culprit, especially if tooth tremor occurs only in these cases. It’s a little bit like a wobbly young kid who can’t move in a chair or someone is pounding his fingers on the table. You may also notice that when your Belgian Malinois is playing, the teeth vibrate briefly, as if your Belgian Malinois can’t control all the fun and excitement going on. Some dog owners report that their dogs will also chat when they are pets and when they are happy.

Stress and anxiety in Belgian Malinois dogs

Stress and anxiety can also be another culprit in Belgian Malinois’s teeth chattering, so if your dog goes to see a veterinarian, or when he sees another dog or a stranger approaching, his uneasiness may be the trigger. If possible, drive him out of the situation to relieve his stress. Some Belgian Malinois dogs are chattering in their anxious excitement, and the click of their teeth is a warning that the dog is alert.


Odor problem in Belgian Malinois dogs

Sometimes a Belgian Malinois dog will see teeth chatter when assessing odor. You may see this behavior, especially in intact male dogs, when they smell the urine of a female dog at high temperatures. Most likely, when their teeth chatter, they will carefully assess the odor. Jacobson’s organ is a special cystic structure. A special catheter, called the incisor nipple, was found in the nose of Belgian Malinois dogs, just between the front teeth.
When they chirp their teeth or even spit bubbles in their mouths, they send large smells to their sharp nipples, so that they can reach Jacobsen’s organ and arrive at the center of the Belgian dog, which is responsible for coordinating important mating functions and other basic emotions.