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Why did Corgi become a little lame?

Corgi’s little short leg is always popular. However, there are many owners who think that their own cocky dog has become a little lame. Why? In fact, the reasons for this are as follows: As Corgi’s legs are short and his body is relatively long, compared with other dogs, its waist position is more likely to be injured. For example, when some dogs go up and downstairs, if it is not careful, it is easy to be injured. Therefore, we need to pay attention to whether the body of the Corgi is hurt when we raise the corgi.


1. Lumbar disc herniation

Isn’t lumbar our human disease? Do dogs also have a lumbar disc herniation? After seeing the title, maybe the partners will have this reaction. Yes, even if it sounds incredible, dogs do suffer from lumbar disc herniation. However, not all dogs will get this disease. Generally, only Corgi, dachshund, and Jingba dogs with short legs and long bodies are prone to intervertebral disc herniation. They have a long body and are easy to gain weight. Once they gain weight, the body will oppress the intervertebral disc nerve, which will lead to abnormal feet and begin to limp.

2. Corgi’s nails are too long

Owners must trim their nails regularly. Because, if the owner always does not trim the dog’s nails, their nails will grow longer and longer. Due to the special shape of the dog’s nails, the nails will bend and plunge into the flesh of the sole of the foot, causing swelling and pain of the dog’s feet and even suffering from paronychia and other symptoms. In this way, the dog will be afraid of pain and not willing to walk. Therefore, it is very important thing for owners to cut their nails regularly.


3. Corgi’s claw was injured

The meat pad on the dog’s paw is actually very soft and fragile. And Corgi is a very active dog. They often run around on the road and in their rooms. In case there is something sharp on the ground, it will plunge into the meat pad on their claws and hurt their claws. In this case, the dog usually doesn’t step hard with the injured paw when walking, and groans when the injured paw touches the ground. Owners should pay attention to observation, timely take the dog to treat the injured claws, in addition, the main feeding to ensure that the floor of the home is clean, do not appear sharp things, to prevent the dog stepping on the injury.