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Why choose a Belgian Malinois?

The work done by the Belgian Malinois in bin Laden’s assassination has drawn attention to this breed, which is likely to increase its popularity. Think of it as 101 spotted dog effects. In fact, Malinois dogs are not very good pets because they are strictly working dogs and sports dogs. If you haven’t been involved in dog sports, you shouldn’t get a Marino.  Who should buy a Belgian Malinois? As a dog trainer, do you dream of improving your performance day and night?

Do you have the reflexes of chimpanzees? Can you punch without feeling the need for revenge? Are you calm in the face of embarrassment, danger, and even chaos? Can you stay calm in front of a super dog? Do you want a dog that can’t and won’t be a couch potato? Dogs just for training? Do you have at least two hours a day for training and exercise? Do you have a chance to join boxing or Schutzhund club, where you can find a mentor? Are you proficient in both positive and negative training methods? Are you willing to put the dog’s performance before your own physical and psychological comfort? If you answer these questions in the affirmative, then you have the conditions you need to be a Belgian Malinois breeder.


Belgian Malinois is a hard dog and a soft art

If you think the Belgian Malinois is perfect for agility, unity, obedience, or herding, think again. Be smart. Buy a border collie. The Border Collie is an ideal dog for sports that do not require biting. Malinois is designed for hard art such as French rings, Belgian rings, mondialolin, schutrude and KNPV. Of course, they are also good at non-biting games. However, the cultivation of driving force, the development of grip, and the technology of stimulus control make Malinois’ emotion completely relieved.


Belgian Malinois’s  temperament

When we talk about Belgian Marino‘s temperament, we mean the temperament of work. Malinois is very easy to train and can drive. For example, unlike bulls or other very sensitive temperaments, it’s a very sensitive temperament. If you are not a relaxed, happy person who likes sports and has a positive willingness to accept challenges, life will not go well for your Malinois puppy. There is no doubt that this will evolve into a smirk of antisocial fear, torture of paranoid walking responsibility, rather than the K9 superheroes!