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Why Can’t Puppies Dog Drink Milk?

It is known to us all that milk is good for human beings. However, puppy dogs should not drink milk, because drink milk after most of the puppies will have diarrhea, or even suffering from gastroenteritis. That’s because the ingredients of dog milk and milk are completely different. Dog Milk is high in protein, high in fat, and low in lactose, while milk is low in protein, low in fat, and high in lactose, the opposite. If the milk is a puppy’s food, too much let it drink, then their stomach will not have enough lactase to digest the excess lactose, which will cause diarrhea. Of course, dogs can drink some milk after 6 months, usually will not diarrhea or less diarrhea, but we had better not give the dog to drink milk.


The reasons why puppies dog can’t drink milk:

1. The intestines of vulnerable dogs can not absorb the milk, easily causing diarrhea, severe diarrhea may cause dehydration and even death. So in order to avoid artificial feeding puppies, we must go to the pet store to buy special dog milk powder, this milk powder is after special processing, in line with the digestive needs of dogs. So it’s not scientific to feed darling with milk, the nutrients in milk are very different from those in Darling’s special milk!

2. The difference between cow’s milk and dog’s milk: cow’s milk has a lower nutritional value, half that of dog’s milk; milk has a higher lactose content than dog’s milk, and if the same dry matter ratio is used, the lactose content of cow’s milk is 2.5 times higher than that of dog’s milk, if the amount of enzyme used to digest lactose is not increased in the same proportion, it will lead to dyspepsia and the absorption of other nutrients, which will lead to disease, weight loss, and even death.

3. The puppy eats the milk easy to cause diarrhea because the milk and the dog milk ingredient has a very big difference. Canine breast milk is high in protein, three times as high as cow’s milk, and seven times as high as human milk. It is a high protein, high fat, and low lactose milk, and milk and human milk powder are low protein, low fat, and high lactose milk substances. Lack of enzymes to digest lactose in the dog’s intestine. If the milk or food given to the puppy contains a lot of sugar, it often causes diarrhea due to fermentation in the intestine. So experts advise against feeding milk to puppies.


Of course, many of the nutrients in dairy products are also necessary for dogs and are very healthy for dog pets. For example, a lot of protein, rich in calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamin A and other nutrients. All of these can better promote the dog’s body development and growth and can make the dog’s hair grow more smooth and glossy. We must pay attention when choosing dairy products, it is best to choose professional dog milk powder or goat milk powder to feed the pet dog, which contain rich in Dha amino acids and rich in protein, vitamins.