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Why Can’t Dogs Eat Onions?

I believe that we must have a lot of friends who have pet dogs, and people are paying more and more attention to pet dogs, and more and more people tend to give their pets the best dog food, making them the most comfortable clothes, and regularly taking them for hairdressing, it’s no exaggeration to say that dogs are raised as children. They are a part of the family and a great source of comfort for the owners, many of whom consider them important. Many dog lovers must know that there are some things that dogs can’t eat, such as ice-cold milk, ice cream, chocolate, and other food that dogs must not eat, which can cause a lot of trouble if the dog eats it, the food is onions.


Many people who have a pet dog at home know that dogs can not eat onions, but also put home onions in a dog can not reach the place, for fear of being eaten by dogs, then why onions are the dog taboo? What happens when a dog eats an onion? Onions are rich in nutrients and contain high levels of vitamin C, which is a great food for humans but not so great for dogs. Onions contain a special substance called N-PROPYL disulfide, which breaks down the structure of hemoglobin in dogs and causes anemia when red blood cells are attacked by the reticuloendothelial system, it can even damage a dog’s bone marrow. A lot of dogs can’t resist an onion. A dog that weighs twenty-five kg and eats a very common onion can develop severe anemia in seven or eight days, in a day or two the urine color will be different from normal.

The physical reactions after a dog eating onions:

After eating onions, dogs will have some physical reactions, the most common of which is vomiting, panic, and other phenomena. The dogs are not feeling well, so their mental state is not too good, many of the dogs that had eaten the onion looked depressed and listless. If the long-term onion to the dog to eat, the dog is a chronic poisoning, on the dog’s health has a great impact. What do you do when a dog eats an onion by mistake? If the problem is not serious, stop feeding the dog, but if the situation is difficult, the owner can choose to infusion treatment for the dog, to prevent the bad situation.


Sometimes we don’t know this or the dog accidentally eats an onion. What can we do about it? The first is to stop the dog immediately, and the second is to give the dog vitamin E. The principle is that vitamin E can achieve timely protection of the dog’s own structure of hemoglobin while preventing onions n-propyl disulfide in the dog’s body diffusion. These measures are only temporary remedies. After doing these simple steps, we should go to the dog hospital in time for treatment.

Keeping a dog isn’t just about feeding it, it’s about having a place to live every day, it’s about giving them enough care and being able to treat them when they’re not feeling well, they deserve the same love from their owners as they accompany them. They can not speak, but they know in their hearts that owning a dog is a heavy responsibility.