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Why are German shepherds so popular?

German shepherd dog is smart, agile, and energetic. It is the ultimate service dog. There are many things under that thick fur that you may not know.

1. German has standardized the breed of German shepherd dog.

In 1889, at a dog show in western Germany, keeper Max von Stephanitz noticed a wolf-like dog with yellow and black markings. Impressed by the dog’s intelligence and discipline, the keeper bought the dog and changed its name from Hektor linksrhein to horand von Grafrath. Von Stephanitz then founded the German Shepherd Club and developed guidelines for the breed standard. His motto for the breed is “practicality and intelligence”; next is beauty.


2. German shepherd dog can improve work efficiency.

As Germany became more industrialized, von Stephanitz realized that the demand for his dog might decline. To keep them relevant, he worked with police and other service personnel to get a place for dogs in the staff. As they are trained to be highly intelligent and athletic, they are easy to train and are tireless workers. Thanks to von Stephanitz’s help, the industrious canines found work as messengers and guards.

3. The First World War brought German Shepherd to the West.

During the war, the German used dogs for many purposes. The dog provides first aid to the wounded soldiers after the battle and accompanies them to death. Others transmit information or act as guard dogs. Americans are very impressed with these dogs, so they bring some home. The United States was fascinated by the appearance of the breed, and they soon became popular.

4. America loves German shepherd dog

According to the American Kennel Club, the German shepherd was the second most popular breed in the country in 2014. Miami and Nashville are also ranked first in the variety.


5. German shepherd dogs are really smart.

German Shepherds are known for their intelligence for good reason: they are considered the third most intelligent breed. To reach the highest level of intelligence, the breed must understand a new command after five repetitions and follow the first command 95% of the time.

6. German Shepherd Dog changed its name temporarily.

After the world war, Americans and many Europeans were a little suspicious of German things. As a result, a dog called German Shepherd didn’t seem very attractive. To overcome this prejudice, the American Kennel Club simply called them shepherds, and the British called them Alsatian wolfhounds. The nickname was still used until 1977, but it was used for a long time in Europe, and it is still called Alsatians to this day.