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Why are French bulldogs so expensive?

The French Bulldog is rapidly becoming one of the most popular puppies in the world. You may have checked the price, you will find that the price of a French Bulldog is very expensive. Do you want to know what’s going on? Why are French Bulldogs so expensive? There are many reasons why French Bulldogs are expensive.

The breeder usually has to pay a lot for the stallion. Usually, artificial insemination is necessary, which is an expensive procedure. Then, French Bulldogs usually have to undergo an expensive caesarean section, because natural childbirth is problematic. How many attempts does it take for a breeder to get a French Bulldog pregnant, so when you add up the cost of producing a French Bulldog pup, plus the cost of vaccination and food, you begin to understand why it’s expensive to buy them. Of course, a small nest is usually equivalent to the cost of each French Bulldog, which is higher than they may get from a large nest, so that the breeder can realize a small profit.
Bulldog is rapidly becoming the most popular breed in Australia and other parts of the United States. There’s a good reason for that. French Bulldog is a very popular family breed, because it is very suitable for children and other pets, does not need too much exercise. It’s the ideal dog for people who live in apartments or don’t go out much. Yes, as we all know, French Bulldogs have health problems due to years of crossbreeding, but these problems can be eliminated by carefully selecting a puppy from a healthy family. However, there are other problems with the French Bulldog, which are related to breeding and the time, energy and risk involved in the breeding process.

Breeding difficulties of French Bulldog

In the past two hundred years, the French Bulldog has been hybridized with several breeds many times, so it is definitely not the dog that nature wants to exist. In fact, if human beings and our scientific knowledge were not as advanced as they are now, then this species might not exist at all. In most cases (about 80%), French Bulldogs cannot breed naturally. Because of the size of their hips, men cannot install women. Therefore, the French Bulldog needs artificial insemination. Because the French Bulldog birth canal is very small, and the French Bulldog’s head is also large, so there will be obvious complications in the process of delivery.
Therefore, cesarean section is needed to deliver. Let’s look at these two main issues.


French Bulldog needs artificial insemination

Usually, breeders find stallions that supply sperm. They don’t usually keep a stallion on site, but “rent” them. Finding the right stallion is a key part of the process, because breeders need to have confidence not only in the health of the stallion, but also in its parents and history. If you want quality, the cost of stallions is very expensive. It’s common for stallions to cost between $500 and $2000. Overnight delivery can easily add another $200. For breeders, however, costs (and potential risks) are just beginning. First, they won’t do it themselves unless they are properly trained in artificial insemination. They need to have their sperm checked by a veterinarian and have them inseminated. It may cost about $100, but it seems to make a big difference.