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Which is better, a male or female Samoyed?

Samoyed has always been a popular dog, so is it better to have a male or a female Samoyed? Let’s take a look at it together

The difference between male Samoyed and female Samoyed:

1. Appearance
The male dog may be larger and more attractive, although the female dog may not be very different from the male.
2. Character
The male dog may be more active, the female is more gentle and quiet, the specific choice of male or female, according to the pet owner’s own personality to choose.


3. Submission
Naturally, the female is more submissive because the male is more inquisitive and less submissive, although in training the male is more receptive to new things than the female.

4. Energy
The male dog’s energy to be more exuberant, like not run out, not tired, like jumping up and down, make no stop, the female dog’s energy is not small, but will stay in the side of the pet master.

5. Feeding
The male dog is better-taken care of because she is in heat twice a year, which is a lot of work and lasts about 3 WEEKS

If it is the first time to have a dog, then we can choose to keep a male dog, because, in the long run, it is better to take care of a male dog. If we find it difficult to care for a Samoyed dog in heat, it’s better to have a male dog instead of a dog in heat, which can save us a lot of trouble and avoid having a baby. If we have children and old people in the family, we can keep a female dog, because the female dog’s character is more gentle, easier to get along with, in the company of the elderly and children can be more reassuring. If you are a young man and a young woman living together, you can choose to have a male dog. After all, you don’t have to worry about losing your dog when you walk him. If the girls live alone, we can choose the female dog, because the female dog is easier to control a bit.


Feeding tips:

It doesn’t matter if it’s a male dog or a female dog, the advice is to start with a young dog. After all, raising Samoyed from a young age is better for meeting people’s spiritual needs.

1. two to three months of Samoyed puppies, the recommendations to feed 4-5 meals, pay attention to a small number of meals, and attention to the dog food needs to be soaked in soft before feeding, it is best to choose goat milk powder soaked in soft, let samoyed absorb more rich nutrition
2. By eight months or so, cut back to two meals a day and gradually switch to adult dog food, as samoyed has a weak stomach. It’s best to choose a dog food that contains probiotics, so it doesn’t irritate the stomach and cause problems
3. If there is leftover dog food in the dog food containers, be sure to empty the containers and wash them to avoid bacteria, and keep the food safe from moisture and Mildew
4. When we train Samoyed, we can get snacks, preferably chicken jerky and other snacks with a degree of firmness that will help clean your teeth and keep your dog’s mouth healthy