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Which is better, a male or female Pomeranian?

Pomeranian is outgoing, bright, and lively, and it’s perfect for city breeding, but when shopping should we buy a male or female Pomeranian? I believe that many pet owners in the purchase should be considered this problem, right, let’s take a look at it together.


Male Pomeranians:

The male dog can not get pregnant, so it is relatively easy to raise, while the female dog is difficult to raise because she can get pregnant, so many people choose to raise a Pomeranian for the first time, and the price of the public than the mother of a few hundred cheaper, but the character of the public Pomeranian more irritable some, not the mother Pomeranian so docile, so the public Pomeranian need education from an early age!
Gong’s skeleton is better looking than that of his mother. Gong’s active, mischievous, biting and possessive, so he needs to go out and exercise every day to burn off his energy, and in general, the male Pomeranian than the health of the mother, it is recommended that if the Novice Pomeranian, I suggest you choose a male dog to raise!


Female Pomeranian:

The female Pomeranian is more docile and easier to train than the male, but the female Pomeranian gets blood all over your house twice a year during the rutting season, so she is well cared for, if you don’t want blood all over the place, you have to dress it up in pants and change them often!
At the same time, she will be pregnant, giving birth for the first time inexperienced owners will be at a loss, during estrus as far as possible not to take Bomi out Optimus will be harassed by male dogs, during Estrus Bomi need to supplement nutrition, so we need to buy some more nutrient-rich low salt low oil natural dog food to meet its nutritional needs!


Both male and female dogs are in heat, but in addition to barking, as long as he doesn’t go out on his own, there’s no problem. But when the bitch is in estrus there are some external manifestations that are difficult to manage. Their vaginas, for example, swell and fill with blood, and they bleed mucus and blood from their vaginas, which can last for 7-10 days or so and can get bloody if they don’t wear pants. Not only that, in order to prevent bacterial infection, usually also give it a regular genital swab, so this point for the owner is really a nuisance.

Pomeranian as long as the training from an early age, when out of the lead, do not let it out of your sight, to prevent him from climbing over other bitches on it. But if the female dog goes out in Estrus, is very easy to be harassed by the male dog. Not only that but an inattentive it is also very easy to be a male dog to climb over caught off guard. Once you’re out in the open with a dog without a master, you don’t know what to say.
Female Pomeranian bark more than males, especially during estrus. As the Rut continues, the bitch becomes very excited and the bark gets louder and louder. They also tend to be very grumpy, just like a human woman during her menstrual cycle, so be sure to lead them around when you take them out in case they attack other dogs or humans.
Both estrus and pregnant bitches need more nutrition than usual. Because bitches bleed during estrus, not only dog food but also other food should contain more comprehensive and balanced nutrition. A male dog doesn’t have that many requirements.
Pomeranians are naturally clingy dogs, but female Pomeranians tend to be more vivacious and clingy than males, especially during rutting. If you work very busy, can not be able to do a long time to accompany it, play with it, it is not recommended to keep a bitch. Because Pomeranians are delicate and sensitive, they are prone to separation anxiety or depression if they are in a constant state of loneliness and loneliness.