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Which Is Better, a Male or Female Chihuahua?

Chihuahua recognized as the world’s smallest breed, has a mini-size, can easily into the pocket, travel is very convenient, but we keep Chihuahua is to keep a male or female good? Let’s take a look at the difference between a male Chihuahua and a female Chihuahua!


Female Chihuahua:

Chihuahua is a barking dog, but if you have a female Chihuahua, the barking will be much less, because the female Chihuahua is quiet, docile and won’t upset the owner, although the female Chihuahua character is good raising up is not easy, because the female Chihuahua will have twice estrus a year, for the novice may be more trouble! Many first-time dog owners will choose the male to raise, raising the female Chihuahua in estrus period needs very careful care, need to give the female Chihuahua supplement adequate nutrition, this is because the female Chihuahua in estrus period will lose a lot of nutrition, so when the mother Chihuahua is in heat, she needs to choose a natural dog food with high protein, low fat, rich nutrition, and easy absorption, so that she will not be afraid of malnutrition, so for starters, I recommend keeping a dog for the first time instead of a mother!

Male Chihuahua:

Male Chihuahuas are more irritable than female Chihuahuas, and are also more likely to bark, barking incessantly at people outside their homes, so raising them in the community may cause disturbance to the people, but male Chihuahuas are not like female Chihuahuas, two Times a year, but male Chihuahua training is difficult, not good training, training male Chihuahua need to repeat to train, training male Chihuahua is best to use snacks to lure training, the reward must be given when it is done, the snack had better choose some snacks to help grind teeth, such as dog snack chicken Jerky, chicken around chips! We should also note that the male Chihuahua needs to be trained more, otherwise we might provoke other dogs if we take him out. Moreover, the male Chihuahua has strong motor nerves and is especially fond of going out, also like to go out to play, explore, if a day at home, the male Chihuahua will become irritable, there is a demolition of the situation, because it is through demolition to vent energy, so both male and female have their own shortcomings, so if we want to raise chihuahuas or according to their own circumstances to choose.

In addition, we must take good care of them when we have dogs. As the article says, taking care of a female Chihuahua needs to be nutritionally, healthily, and evenly balanced. Therefore, we should pay attention to the dietary aspects of keeping a Chihuahua, so that the Chihuahua can be nutritionally complete, the owner needs to buy him some nutritious, high-quality dog food to feed. When Training Chihuahua reward snacks, we try to choose some of the snacks to help grinding teeth mainly, in fact, this is because dogs are born to need more molars not often molars are easy to suffer from bad breath, dental calculus, etc. So when we have our own Chihuahua, we should buy some snacks to help grinding teeth. Which one will you choose, a male or female Chihuahua?