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Which is better, a male or female Alaskan Malamute?

More and more people like to have Alaskan dogs nowadays. Here are some of the advantages of owning a male Alaskan dog versus a female Alaskan dog. Friends who like a well-behaved and docile dog can choose to keep female Alaskan dogs, and those who prefer a less strenuous male Alaskan dog. But in general, owning an Alaskan dog takes up a part of your life, and it takes a certain amount of physical strength, especially for a large, active dog like an Alaskan dog, to get out of the house frequently, that may be something you need to consider. But Alaskan dogs are very smart dogs, I believe that through your careful training, Alaskan dogs will give you a different surprise and joy.


1. Temperament: Female Alaskan is more gentle.

Female Alaskans are relatively more docile, obedient, and less disruptive than males. Male Alaskan dogs like to fight for territory, easy temper, and fight with each other, when walking the dog to pay more attention, for do not like dogfighting advice to choose female Alaskan dogs.

2. Price: Male Alaskan Malamute is cheaper

Because Female Alaskan dogs can breed, so in the purchase, its price will be more expensive than the male dog, the same bloodline with the female dog, bitch to be more expensive.

3. Appearance: Male Alaskan dogs are good looking

In terms of body size, bone mass, and hair mass, a male dog is much better than a female dog. You can see this from other animals in nature. For example, a male lion’s Mane is longer and better looking than a female lion, it’s also designed by nature for males to attract females.


4. Breeding: Male Alaskan dogs save time

Bitch will have estrus, estrus period will stay red, emotional instability, as well as pregnancy to do the relative nutrition and maintenance management, so in these two periods, the owner of breeding to pay special attention to maintenance; Male dogs, on the other hand, do not need to breed and avoid trouble during this period, so those who do not want to have a hard time caring for them during estrus and pregnancy should choose male dogs, which is more convenient, or have female Alaskan dogs spayed, it is possible to avoid this problem.

5. Benefit: Female Alaskan Malamute has more economic benefits

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of female Alaskan dogs is the ability to have puppies. If purebred, puppies can still generate some economic benefits. Of course, if the purebred male dog, in the breeding can also gain certain benefits, but relatively speaking, or female dog breeding benefits more.