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Which German Shepherd is best?

Before we enter the German Shepherd type, it is important to explain the difference between the display line German shepherd dog and the work line German shepherd dog. Display line German shepherd dog from their name “display line” is used for dog performance. In order to look beautiful, these German Shepherds must be perfect, just as their teeth must be aligned, their ears must be aligned, their hair should be appropriate, their length should be perfect, their height should be perfect, their weight should be perfect, and their bone angle should be perfect because the performance is always looking for the perfect German shepherd. The display line German shepherd has a sloping back, sloping from high to low, from shoulder to back. These German Shepherds sometimes get lazy.


Working line German shepherd has a straight back and a sporty figure. He works all the time just to work. They have bigger heads and bigger bones. The German shepherd’s line of work does not need to be perfect. Their tails don’t need to be at the right angle. The working line of German shepherd dog can be seen clearly from their name “work line”, ready to work, work and work. They are never lazy, always active and eager. In short, we can say that German Shepherds on the show line are good at acting, while German Shepherds on the working line are good at working. The following are four different types of German shepherd dogs:

(1) German Shepherd Dog

The American show line German Shepherd is also known as the AKC line GSD. This type of German Shepherd is usually taller and longer. They come in different colors, such as black and brown saddle, pure black, mink and pure white. German shepherd dogs are usually lighter in color. This German Shepherd is generally more leisurely. Compared with GSD in the United States, GSD is less dynamic.

(2) Western German Shepherd Dog

The German shepherd dog is widely regarded as the most beautiful GSD breed. They move gracefully. They are smart and easy to train. The German shepherd dog on the Western show also has a sloppy body, but it is not as sloppy as the German shepherd dog on the American show. German Shepherds on the Western Front tend to have black and red saddles, black and tan, sable, bicolor and black. In the west, every German shepherd dog must be fully fit for health (buttocks, elbows, etc.) before mating or passing on genes.


(3) German shepherd in the west line

German Shepherds working on the western front were very stable in temperament and astonishing in appearance. These GSDs have strong driving force and excellent working ability. These western work line GSDs have a very cool attitude and perfect colors.

(4) German Shepherd East DDR

The East working German Shepherd is a very strong and elegant dog, especially with long fur. They have strong bones, big heads and wide shoulders. These GSDs are used for military and search and rescue purposes. The eastern DDR German shepherd dogs are mainly used for border patrol. They are also good at tracking and attacking. DDR stands for the German Democratic Republic (East Germany).