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When to feed your teacup poodle?

We all like good teacup poodle. It’s no secret. The only problem is that they can become your teacup poodle’s diet too much. If this happens, your dog will not be able to get the nutrition you need to live a happy and healthy life. Your teacup poodle should get 80% of the nutrition from dog food and 20% from food. Distorting this ratio can cause health problems.


When will you feed your teacup poodle?

If you’ve just brought your teacup poodle home, you may not be 100% comfortable with the new puppy’s feeding plan. don’t be afraid! We have collected some important information to help you properly feed your puppies as puppies and as they grow up.
Puppies less than 3 months old
When your dog is hungry, he needs dog food! Keep a bowl of fresh food ready for your dog. But don’t make the bottom of the food taste bad all the time. Also, clean the dog food bowl regularly.
Three-month-old puppies
It’s time to put your puppies on a feeding schedule and get them used to eat at certain times of the day. It is recommended to feed your growing dog three times a day – morning, noon, and evening. It’s the same schedule you eat, so it should be easy to feed your puppy at these same times.
Adult poodle
Adult poodles need a feeding program that meets their body needs. A standard poodle should be fed twice a day, while a small or toy poodle should be fed four times a day. This difference is due to the different sizes of each poodle.

The calorie intake of toys, mini and Standard Poodles

Just like the feeding schedule, when poodles are puppies, their calorie intake varies.
Toy poodle – 130 calories per day
Mini Poodle – 275 calories per day
Standard Poodle – 1100 calories per day
When poodles are six months old, their calorie intake changes.
Toy poodle – 250 calories per day
Mini poodle – 500 calories per day
Standard Poodle – 2000 calories per day
The 1-year-old poodle should eat the following calories every day:
Toy poodle – 325 calories per day
Mini Poodle – 700 calories per day
Standard Poodle – 2700 calories per day


Other noteworthy information

Choosing your teacup poodle‘s food is not an easy job and should be taken very seriously. Keep in mind that the older the poodle or the older the poodle needs to relax. Good things are too expensive. Some of the factors you need to keep in mind are the age of the dog, the level of activity of the pup, veterinary advice, current or future health concerns, and the health background of the teacup poodle.
Changing your teacup poodle’s food should not be a drastic decision. It should be a slow transition to a new food that you choose to give your dog stomach time to adjust and learn how to properly digest it. If you really decide to change your food, observe your poodle’s skin for any signs of allergy or irritation because of the ingredients of the food. Pruritus, rash, and scar are signs of food allergy, which should be paid attention to and treated immediately. But no matter what you decide to do, your teacup poodle needs your good care!