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When should we get the dog to the hospital?

Because of the bad management of some hospitals, so many owners for the dog sick should be sent to the hospital for the practice of considerable resistance. It’s understandable that the owners are thinking this way, as some hospitals do put their interests first. But I have to say, since the dog is sick, it has to be checked out. What’s more, many problems can not be solved by ourselves, without proper medical treatment, and then delay the best treatment time for the dog. We need to try to control our resistance to the hospital.


It may be better to look at some of your dog’s problems over a period of time than to go straight to the hospital, as the dog may recover on its own after a decisive period of time. But many problems are best not to wait too long, especially when the dog has obvious adverse reactions, meet these problems, the main dog to the hospital in a timely manner to be more comfortable treatment.

1. Difficulty breathing

Oxygen is vital to the animal, so if the dog has difficulty breathing for a long time, it’s best to get to the hospital in time for testing. Severe Respiratory Disease and cardiovascular diseases cause difficulty breathing, usually through the abdomen, prolonged coughing, and rapid breathing. Some dogs open their mouth and inhale, turning the oral Mucosa bluish because of lack of oxygen.

2. Neurological disorder

Nerve cells are difficult to regenerate, so damage to the nervous system is often irreparable. If you notice a neurological condition, be sure to seek medical attention immediately to minimize further damage. Common symptoms are convulsions, lack of coordination, loss of balance, head to one side, walking sideways, Coma, abnormal consciousness, and so on.

3. Trauma

Of course, if only very minor scratches and other small wounds, you can deal with it. But if the wound is deep, oneself can not deal with well, so must send to the hospital to deal with as soon as possible. And if a dog is hit by a car, even though it looks the same on the surface, it should be sent to the hospital for a film examination immediately in order to be safe and prevent internal organs from being damaged, if necessary, you can also do a blood test to see if the indicators are normal.

Common symptoms are Bleeding, mobility, no appetite, no spirit, fever, dyspnea.


4. Massive blood loss

If the dog loses too much blood, it should be sent to the hospital for treatment regardless of whether the bleeding can be stopped temporarily. Common symptoms are: Bleeding, gums white, breathing difficulties, lethargy, skin or gums have blood spots, abdominal swelling due to internal bleeding.

5. Foreign bodies in the digestive tract

If the owner found that the dog swallowed a foreign body, but also as soon as possible to check. The owner can first do a proper treatment to see if the dog these days will be able to excrete the foreign body, if not excrete is harmful to the body can only be resolved through surgery.

Common symptoms are vomiting, abdominal pain, low energy, sometimes there will be unwilling to eat or even hunger strike and other problems.

6. Poisoning

If the dog is poisoned, the owner should first take appropriate measures, you can first give the dog soap water, to help induce vomiting, of course, also to determine what is poisoned, some poison can not be used in this way. After the owner has done the emergency treatment, must send to the hospital to carry on the more perfect treatment again. Common symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy. Other symptoms may vary depending on the poison used.