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When do Corgi’s ears stand up?

One of the most representative features of the Corgi dog is the ear. It gives us the impression that the big, fluffy ears are straight and firm, and they look more spiritual and majestic. In fact, some Corgi dogs don’t have their ears up. Why? Let’s have a look.

1、 When can corky stand its ears?

Scientific research has found that the average dog’s two ears are undoubtedly collapsed at the time of birth. Under normal conditions, puppies will erect their ears at the beginning of 40 days, and generally erect one side first, and then the other side. The interval is from one day to one or two months. In addition, some corgi dogs have larger ears, some smaller ears, thicker ears, and thinner ears, which will harm the process of the dog ear vertical system. In addition, calcium deficiency, ear injury, ear inflammation, are harmful to the dog ear system process.


2、 The reason why Corgi doesn’t stand up its ears

Some cocky ears are raised earlier, while some dogs are later. This is closely related to the dog’s physical quality, physical growth, and development. In order to make the dog’s ears erect perfectly, the owner should pay attention to the supplement of nutrients, especially calcium. Simply put, a dog with no calcium deficiency will be more satisfactory. On the contrary, the more serious the calcium deficiency, the longer the time of ear erection, and there will be a “soft ear” phenomenon, there is no very good erect situation.


3、 To effectively fill in high-quality protein

Therefore, once Corgi appears calcium deficiency, it is really great damage to dogs. Usually, we can give the dog calcium and zinc according to diet therapy. Usually, we can give the dog some chicken breast meat, shrimp skin, beef and mutton, and big bone soup to maintain the dog’s nutrition. However, the gastrointestinal absorption of some dogs is poor, and the body’s conversion function to calcium is relatively poor, which can not reach the ideal actual effect of calcium and zinc supplementation. It is better for the owner to supplement calcium and zinc according to the small pet pregnant woman calcium tablets so that the high-quality protein can be digested and absorbed by the dog as soon as possible. When the sunlight is shining, the owner can also take the dog to the outdoor, which is more conducive to the health of the dog.