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When Can a Siberian Husky Puppy Have a Bath?

1. How many months after can a Siberian Husky take a shower?

With Husky in good health, after 2 months of age and more than a week into her new environment, and two weeks after her first dose of the vaccine, she is ready for a bath. Here’s the catch: 2-month-old Husky isn’t strong enough to get sick and cold, and the acclimated Husky is more nervous to take a bath, so wait until he’s acclimated.


2. How to help a Siberian Husky puppy have a bath?

Before we give Husky a bath, we carefully brush Husky’s entire body, on the one hand, to avoid entanglement and comb waste hair, on the other hand, to check the dog for skin diseases or injuries. In general, the water temperature for a dog bath is about 40 °C. We have to get Erha acclimated to the temperature of the water first, and then from the feet, body in turn to the head, the whole body washed wet, to be careful of the dog’s ears into the water, and the sudden sound of water to the dog scared.
And then, we can start using the body wash.

We’re going to dilute the lotion, apply it from the back, and then the rest of the dog. We have to be careful about Husky’s abdomen because the skin is soft and dirty. We could try a sponge. We should take care not to put water in the dog’s eyes. If the bath flows into the dog’s eyes, we should immediately rinse it off with a large amount of water and put on eye drops. After washing, we can first wring the water out with our hands. Most of Husky will shake himself dry. Then the owner of the dog will dry the water with a big towel, by pressing it, and then alternately dry and smooth it with the opposite hair, it reduces the drying time. Dry Your ears, nose, and eyes as well. Use a cotton swab where the ear is visible to the eye. Ear drops in the ear canal help keep Husky cool and prevent ear infections.
Finally, we use a hairdryer to dry the dog, which is a necessary step, otherwise Husky is prone to the ball of hair, also easy to catch a cold, when drying the hair near the face, to turn down the air volume, and leave about 10 centimeters to keep the dog from getting spooked, and we don’t blow the wind directly into the dog’s face. After complete blow-drying, we have to comb hair again, comb hair not only can make dog hair beautiful, but also can promote blood circulation, and metabolism.
In addition to wet cleaning, we can also dry cleaning, dry cleaning is only suitable for not too dirty Husky, the dry cleaning agent is a powder, this powder can remove excessive grease on the fur, so that the color of the fur more bright, put Dry cleaning powder into Husky’s hair and brush it with a comb.