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When Can a Samoyed Puppy Have a Bath?

Samoyed was originally a breed of dog developed by the Samoyed people, the indigenous people of Siberia. This dog alert, strong, flexible, beautiful, noble grace, cute, has a very attractive appearance, strong physique, has a “smiling Angel” title. Samoyed was naughty and smart until he was one year old. Dogs are naturally good swimmers, and Samoyed was no exception, but not proficient enough to make a living. So let’s find out when the Samoyed puppies are ready for their bath.


When can a Samoyed puppy have a bath?

Samoyed puppies under 31/2 months of age and before all vaccinations have been completed are in principle best not to bathe. Because the puppy’s respiratory system is still very fragile at this time, if the cold caused by a bath inadvertently catch a cold, for the puppy is very troublesome, treatment is not timely easily turned into pneumonia, if turned into lobular pneumonia is even more terrible, there is a risk to the puppy’s life.

During the vaccination period, if the body of the puppy bath caused by a cold resistance, or will cause immune failure, or because the vaccine itself is a weakened virus, there are life-threatening risks. So try not to take a bath in the meantime.

Regular grooming of the puppy every day will help to remove dust and other impurities from the coat. It also stimulates the growth of hair follicles, smooths out hair knots, and is good for skin health and hair quality. And Samo itself is a long-haired breed, and being diligent in grooming is part of the owner’s job. Another way is to use pet-specific dry cleaning powder on the clean body hair, the smell is also very effective, might as well try.

After the puppy is 3 months old and 10 days of full vaccination, we can start bathing, but a few things should be noted:



1 Bath Time is best chosen at noon, when sufficient sunshine, high temperature, suitable for bathing.
2 The water temperature must be controlled at around 45 degrees, especially for puppies and bitches in gestation.
3. Samo should be bathed with a dog bath made for white hair and diluted with the right amount of water. The use of human shampoo or human bath lotion is strictly prohibited. Human products are too high in alkalinity, which is harmful to the hair and skin of dogs.
4 after a bath, we must thoroughly dry the dog’s body hair by touching the undercoat with our fingers and continuing to dry it if the undercoat is still wet, otherwise the wind after easy to catch a cold or cause bacterial proliferation and cause skin diseases. We can choose to use a special dog hairdryer or hairdressing with a high-power hair dryer (1000W or more).

5 do not wash too often, too often will damage the sumo skin acid-base balance, but easy to cause skin diseases. The correct approach is a half-monthly summer, winter once a month can be.

6. If Samoyed swims in a natural river or seawater, then we must bathe Samoyed after it finishes swimming.