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When Can a Alaskan Malamute Puppy Have a Bath?

We have to start vaccinating dogs around 35 days after birth in Alaska to build up their resistance, usually, three shots, 15 to 21 days apart, depending on the vaccine. We will observe the dog for a week after receiving the vaccine in Alaska, and when the situation stabilizes, we can choose better weather to give the dog a bath. Do not bathe the puppy until it has been vaccinated and dewormed, and do not wash if it is sick or has a cold. If it is winter bimonthly can be, summer half a month to once a month. Whether we bathe or not, we should keep the habit of grooming every day.


Alaska is a big place, and bathing is a big job, and it takes a certain amount of skill:

Step One

Before taking a bath, you can play with Alaska, relax its tension, exclusion, and then prepare the necessary bath tools, such as Comb, Towel, shower GEL, brush, hairdryer, bathtub, etc.

Step Two

Before we bathe the Alaskan Malamute, we should brush it, remove some of the dirt from the hair, and straighten it out, which is better for the owner to Bathe Alaska.

Step Three

After we have combed the dog’s hair, the owner should prepare bathwater for him. In general, the water temperature in an Alaskan Malamute bath should be kept around 40 degrees Celsius. To determine whether the bathwater temperature is appropriate, you can use the dog’s paw first test under the water temperature, if the dog does not reject, then you can start the formal bath.


Step Four

We first wet the whole body of the dog with clean water, then put on the shower Gel, and gently knead the whole body of the dog with both hands. It is important to note that the bathwater should not be put into the eyes and ears of the dog to avoid stimulating its emotions, that the shower didn’t work properly.

Finally, after rubbing, clean the dog’s body thoroughly with clean water. Be careful not to leave a bit of bath foam behind, as this is not healthy for your dog’s Fur. In addition, after washing, you should wipe the water with a towel and then blow-dry the wet hair thoroughly with a hairdryer to prevent Alaskan Malamute cold. Do not bathe the puppy until it has been vaccinated and dewormed. It’s harder to wash when you’ve got a cold or something. You can wash it when you’re done. Just make the water a little hot.