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What will cause the Schnauzer’s drooling?

If there is a period of non-stop saliva, and also emit a stench, then the dog is likely to have mouth ulcers, so the Schnauzer has been drooling, and the mouth also produces a pungent odor. Usually, dogs are not easy to suffer from the oral ulcer. It must be that the owners do not take good care of their oral hygiene, and can not ensure the cleanness of their oral cavity. Therefore, after a long time, this phenomenon has occurred in dogs. How can we solve this problem?


1. Adjust Schnauzer’s diet plan in time

If the owner only gives Chenery dry dog food and fails to give them water in time, it will lead to a fire and oral ulcer. Therefore, the owner should timely adjust the diet plan of Chenery, try to feed its ecological dog food and provide them with sufficient water. In addition, the owner should eat some fresh fruit for the dog And vegetables, can give Chenery to drink the right amount of indigo root water, to help them improve the fire phenomenon, so that the dog’s mouth ulcer will slowly recover.

2. Timely supplement vitamin B

In addition, when the dog suffers from the oral ulcer, the owner should timely supplement vitamin B for Chenery, which can effectively alleviate their drooling and halitosis. The owner can give the dog some food containing vitamin B, such as animal liver, carrots, egg yolk, lean meat, fish, etc., but the animal liver must control the feeding amount, and the owner can not give the dog Eat too much, in addition, the owner can also give the dog to eat vitamin B powder, just need to mix vitamin B powder into dog food.


3. Clean up Schnauzer’s oral hygiene in time

If the owner can’t help the Schnauzer to clean up their oral hygiene in time, it will also cause them to suffer from oral ulcers, resulting in drooling and halitosis. Therefore, in order to better eliminate their symptoms, the owner should timely clean the dog’s mouth. At ordinary times, he should also use the dog’s special toothpaste and a toothbrush to brush their teeth and provide them with some With the cleaning effect of molars, or small snacks, this can be a good prevention of dog oral disease.

If Schnauzer is mentally normal and eats and drinks well, we should carefully examine the dog’s mouth, teeth, and gums. Does Schnauzer have red or swollen gums? Or at that time, the dog was in the period of tooth change. The dog’s teeth were loose, and the teeth were about to fall out when they were eating hard things and touching the teeth that were to be changed quickly. If the gums are red and swollen, we can buy Animal anti-inflammatory drugs for dogs. It’s normal for a dog to drool if the weather is too hot, or if Schnauzer has just finished strenuous exercise. Because the dog can only use its toe meat and tongue to heat, at this time to give the dog enough water to drink. The dog’s mouth muscles are loose and droopy. For example, an old dog, whose mouth is not tightly sealed, will also have a serious outflow of saliva. Schnauzer’s mouth was injured and his jaw bone was broken, resulting in increased saliva.