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What we should do if the Schnauzer’s eyes have red blood silk?

In general, it is normal for a pet owner to notice a little blood in Schnauzer’s eyes. If the eyes of a Schnauzer are covered with red blood, and there are many red drops of blood silks around the eyes, the eyes have red blood or other different conditions, pet owners should also be aware that there is something wrong with Schnauzer’s eyes!


1. Schnauzer is easy to get angry and cause eyes red

Schnauzer and people, if usually eat too much heat flow of food, is very angry and cause the human body all kinds of discomfort. Pet owners who regularly feed Schnauzer dog food, canned dog food, and very little fruit and vegetables are among the angriest. At this time there will be some significant symptoms, such as the current eye redness, eye excrement, tears of the disease. Pet owners will also have to adjust Schnauzer’s diet, during which the puppy will eat less flavorful food, such as minced meat porridge, carrots, Chinese cabbage, and other fruits and vegetables, snacks or meat products don’t have to be eaten by Schnauzer, and the dog food has to be replaced with Methylcellulose, a natural source of vitamins.

2. Red eyes due to poor eye care

Schnauzer’s eyes need to be cleaned and cared for by their owners, and if the dog has not been cleaned around the eyes for a long time, then Schnauzer’s eyes will not be cleaned in time for sanitation work but presents the eye red, the eye excrement many, the tear condition.
So, during this period, pet owners should also pay attention to daily help Schnauzer to clean red eyes, tears, to be able to, apply non-irritating wet wipes, or use a cotton towel dipped in warm water to dry and scrub clean, and you have to be consistent in applying the eye drops to Schnauzer.


3. Feeling distemper can also cause Schnauzer’s eyes to turn red

If Schnauzer, in addition to the eye infrared, there are other symptoms, such as red blood for yellow purulent eyes, yellow runny nose, lack of energy, poor appetite, diarrhea nausea, and vomiting, it is most likely to be infected with Canine distemper. If a pet owner is unsure, they can purchase a distemper test or take Schnauzer to a pet hospital clinic.