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What we should do if the Schnauzer shed?

Although the Schnauzer Dog does not like to lose hair, if the owner’s rearing method is not correct, or is facing seasonal hair loss, then the Schnauzer will also have a severe hair loss phenomenon, but seasonal hair loss is a normal phenomenon. In addition to seasonal hair loss, what other reasons can lead to hair loss? Let’s analyze it together.


1. Unreasonable way of bathing

Some owners give the dog a bath with human soap and bath liquid. However, after a long time, the dog’s hair will fall off in large quantities. That is because the acid-base nature of human’s washing and care products is relatively large, which will stimulate the dog’s skin and hair after use, which will lead to the phenomenon of depilation for the dog. Therefore, when owners give dogs a bath, they must choose a special bath liquid for their pets, which is the correct and healthy way to take a bath.

2. Malnutrition

If we human malnutrition, yellow muscle thin, hair dry, dark, the whole person’s state does not look particularly good, the same thing, if the Chenery dog for a long time can not eat enough nutrition, they will also appear dry hair, or even shed phenomenon. Therefore, the owner should timely adjust the dog’s diet and give them an appropriate amount of Wangxiang lecithin to improve the texture of their hair. In addition, the owner can give the dog more egg yolk, carrots, salmon, avocado, and other food to help them supplement nutrition, so as to alleviate the phenomenon of depilation.


3. Skin diseases

If the owner can’t timely deworming for Schnauzer, and let them, unfortunately, be attacked by parasites, which will lead to their whole body itching, and the dog will constantly scratch or lick their own skin. At this time, it is the dog suffering from skin disease, which will cause severe hair loss. In this case, the owner should timely kill the insects for the dog, and can use therapeutic skin for them Skin disease drugs, to improve their hair loss serious phenomenon, during the period do not let them play on the lawn, lest increase the risk of skin infection.、

If Schnauzer does not get enough nutrition for a long time, its hair will fall in large areas. When this situation, it means that the hair is a serious lack of nutrition, pet owners should adhere to the dog to eat appropriate lecithin. In addition, in daily life, pet owners should pay attention to the reasonable diet of Schnauzer. They can eat some cooked egg yolk, salmon, carrot, avocado, etc. to ensure that the dog can get balanced nutrition. If Schnauzer, unfortunately, suffers from mites or eczema, he will constantly scratch because of the severe itching on the affected area, resulting in large areas of hair falling off. Therefore, pet owners should pay attention to the dog in vitro deworming, do not let the dog go to too humid places to play, the appropriate sun-drying solar sterilization effect, but also conducive to the growth of dog hair.