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What we should do if the Schnauzer gets a canine parvovirus?

Canine parvovirus is a severe form of acute infectious disease in dogs. There are many routes of transmission, such as dog feces, vomit, urine, or saliva. Here’s how a Schnauzer should be treated for Canine Parvovirus?

1. Type of Canine Parvovirus

Once a Schnauzer has Canine Parvovirus, it is possible to develop two types, the first of which is hemorrhagic enteritis. The main manifestation is the violent vomit gas and so on the symptom, moreover in White Blood cell also can reduce obviously. The other is Myocarditis, which causes my dog to die suddenly without symptoms. But no matter what type of dog it is, the parvovirus rate is high, the mortality rate is high, and the infectivity is very strong, so the owner must keep an eye on Schnauzer’s health.


2. Canine parvovirus

The main source of transmission of Canine Parvovirus is infected dogs, and if your own schnauzer comes into contact with a sick dog, it can be passed on through the dog’s feces, vomit, and saliva and urine. Of course, it could be a natural infection. In short, Canine Parvovirus can be transmitted either directly or indirectly.

3. Canine parvovirus symptoms

If the dog is Canine Parvovirus, the incubation period is usually a week or two. During the onset of symptoms, there will be a fever at the beginning of the phenomenon, body temperature can soar to 40 degrees Celsius, and loss of appetite, lack of energy, there is also strong vomiting.

During the early stages of vomiting, the food is basically white foam, which means that the acid in the stomach turns from a mucous to a greenish-yellow liquid, and over time, dogs develop diarrhea. The initial stool is mainly slushy, slowly will become yellow-green jelly-like, the later stool will also become brown, and the smell is very bad.

Some individual dogs will appear in the feces of transparent water, and there are traces of blood, some dogs will also appear white, if not timely treatment, the dog will be caused by this phenomenon of poisoning shock death.

The other is myocarditis, which occurs in puppies about 40 days old and is initially asymptomatic. Sudden onset of respiratory distress, heart failure, and the dog dies within minutes.


4. Treatment of Parvovirus

When it comes to treatment, the first step should be prevention. Therefore, it is recommended that owners take their dogs for 40 days or so to be vaccinated against Canine distemper and Canine parvovirus infection.

The treatment is simple: When a dog owner finds out something is wrong with Schnauzer, he should stop giving the dog water and food as soon as possible, and the owner should take the dog to the hospital for targeted treatment, and in the meantime, owners should keep Schnauzer warm. If the dog survives the first three days of the illness, there is virtually no risk to its life, and the owner should continue to cooperate with the vet.