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What we should do if Corgi suddenly dribbles a lot?

Corgi many dribbles the key has all normal physiological phenomenon and the symptom division if is because after the fitness movement is too hot and opens the mouth to expel the heat, the dog will appear the dribble condition; and the common symptom reason is the oral cavity interior is not very good, generally speaking, the dog flows the mouth water and accompanies the oral cavity peculiar smell condition, most is because it has got the oral cavity internal inflammation. For this matter, the owner must find out the reason, and then symptomatic treatment to solve, to help the dog to deal with these problems.


1. Cooling down

Corgi is a more active and cheerful dog. He likes to play very much. If Corgi is out of breath after doing a strong fitness exercise outdoors, he opens his mouth to expel heat. In the whole process of heat dissipation, there will be a lot of drooling. In addition, the average temperature in summer is high, and Corgi often opens his mouth to expel heat. For this situation, the owner should fill the dog with water, pay attention to the light food, and let the dog stay in the shady area theme activities as far as possible, not in the sun.

2. Dirty things in the esophagus

If you find the dog drooling in addition, but also often high blowing head, often stretch the neck, it shows that the dog’s esophagus, there will be dirty things. Usually, Corgi eats in a hurry. It’s very easy for food materials to get stuck in his throat and can’t swallow it. Especially in the case of eating fish, chicken breast, goose, and other meat products, the tiny bones will be stuck in Corgi’s esophagus, which is very dangerous.
For this matter, the owner’s family first let the dog open his mouth to inquire about dirty things. If it is in the throat and is not inserted into the meat, it can be removed with chopsticks or long medical tweezers, and can also gently pat the dog’s back to let the dog cough out. If you can’t see the dirty things, or you can’t discharge the dirty things according to the emergency measures, you are suggested to send them to the pet clinic immediately and seek the assistance of the pet doctor.


3. Dental diseases

In addition to the above reasons, the dog not only dribbles but also has bad breath, which indicates that there is a problem inside the dog’s mouth, which may be caused by glossitis or swollen gums. For this matter, the owner’s family should first adjust the dog’s diet, not to let the dog eat too dry ingredients, but to light taste and easy to digest food leading. Then mix the ingredients with Wang Xiang vitamin B2 and pet Kou Fu to fill the vitamins and nutrients needed by Corgi’s body to maintain all normal physiological functions.
During the period of illness, the internal cleaning of the dog’s mouth is also very important. It is suggested that the owner should clean the dog with saltwater or dog gargle every day, and then spray pet mouthwash to eliminate halitosis and reduce the problem of bad breath. It is best to brush and gargle the dog’s teeth once or twice a week to reduce the stone and head of teeth and keep the physical and mental health inside the mouth