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What we should do if Corgi gets obesity?

It’s no exaggeration to say that the corgi dog is very popular now. It has all the cute, short legs, fat butt, warm smile. In short, there are a lot of reasons to want to have a corgi dog. Dear first-time dog owners, although the corgi dog is lively and lovely, it is not easy to keep a corgi dog. Even because of its advantages of being not picky about food, it is easy to cause obesity. Now let’s see how fat is harmful to Corgi’s health.


1. Strictly control the food intake of Corgi

Corgi is easy to get fat, although everyone’s love for him now is that he has short legs and a fat body, which is very harmful to his health. Therefore, the owner must nip the chance of corgi dog getting fat in the cradle in all aspects, especially the corgi dog loves to eat, so even if you strictly implement the weight loss plan, he still tries to find food, and then eat it, completely disobeying the master’s words, so the owners must be vigilant.

2. Regular and quantitative feeding

Regular and quantitative feeding can prevent cocky dogs from fear of not having food. Because feeding is mainly because the feeding time is not fixed, the corgi dog will eat hard when it can eat, and it seems that he is not afraid to eat too much and will eat hard. Therefore, when feeding, the owner should form a fixed time and quantitative habit. In addition to regular feeding, which can reassure the Corgi, Corgi dogs may also suffer from bulimia when they are under psychological pressure or emotional instability and depression.


3. Reasonable distribution of food:

If the parents have several Corgi dogs at the same time, they should divide the food and distinguish them carefully to avoid the food being eaten by the same corgi dog. When raising several corgi dogs at the same time, there must be one corgi dog relying on its own strength. When eating, it will bully other Corgi dogs, such as snatching food and eating more often. It may eat several times the weight when you are not paying attention, so parents must be careful.