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What we should do if Corgi doesn’t have a good appetite?

Sick, feverish, and cold is something that dogs and dogs always encounter. Because of the pet owner’s carelessness, Corgi was sick and had a cold and fever. Sometimes the symptoms of Corgi’s fever are relieved, but the pet owner adds new distress because he has no appetite for food after the fever subsides. At this time, pet owners can refer to the following methods to help Corgi recover their appetite:


1. Adjust the dietary structure

When Corgi is ill, there are also cases of blocked nose, runny nose, dry cough, and snorting. However, pet owners still take dog food as Corgi’s daily dinner. At the moment, it is inevitable that little Corgi will lose his appetite for dry and boring dog food. If this is the case, the pet owner does not need to urge him to eat. The owner should prepare sufficient water for Corgi in advance, or adjust the food mix. The dog food should be replaced by millet porridge, fresh noodles, or canned fruit, which are easy to digest.

2. Feed some pet snacks

If the owner can’t play a role according to the regulation of Corgi’s diet collocation regularity, when Corgi still has no appetite, the owner should also check whether Corgi usually sleeps when he is full. The pet owner never takes Corgi for relaxation or gives him some games that consume his physical quality, resulting in his indigestion. Moreover, when the fever soon subsided, Corgi’s appetite did not recover immediately, and inevitably his appetite was not very good. In view of these reasons, the owner of the pet should prepare some pet snack tablets in advance, and it is OK to feed independently or mix it with food materials.


3. Test with canine distemper pregnancy test paper

There are also some diseases that pet owners can’t ignore. For example, canine distemper and parvovirus are very common in dogs. If Corgi is infected with canine distemper and parvovirus, the main performance in the early stage will be similar to the appearance of fever, cold, or gastroenteritis. However, the difference is that dogs will become more and more sleepy, have poor appetite and spirit, have a fever repeatedly, and have diarrhea, This is likely to be canine distemper, pet owners can use canine distemper pregnancy test paper to do the next test. If the owner does not have what to master, the pet owner, or take Corgi to the pet hospital clinic to do a check is more appropriate.