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What we should do if Corgi doesn’t eat?

Under normal circumstances, if Corgi partial food, always does not eat things, but even does not drink water, that is more inconvenient. It may be that partial food is too serious, or there is a problem with the human body. It is also common to have conflicts with the host. For this matter, small pet owners must look at Corgi’s situation, find the existing problems, and then symptomatic treatment to solve.


1. In a bad mood

If there are other pets in the family, Corgi will make a temper with the pet owner or be blamed if he suffers from unreasonable salary treatment. Then the dog will also have a temper tantrum, so he will have a “food break” situation, just like having a tantrum with his girlfriend. For this matter, small pet owners need to be careful to comfort it, play with it, make it happy, and then prepare snacks for it in advance. The corgi was in a good mood and wanted to eat.

2. Gastrointestinal problems

Corgi gastrointestinal problems, also do not want to eat, especially in the case of lack of pepsin. For this matter, small pet owners can feed the dog Wang Xiang Zhu digestive powder, fill the stomach pepsin, help the dog to digest and absorb food materials more effectively. If there is a standard, they can mix some sour milk for the dog to drink. Generally, they like to eat it.


3、 Partial food is more serious

The dog with more serious partiality will “cut off food” when he sees that the owner doesn’t give him what he likes, which makes many pet owners have a headache. There is no other way to deal with partial food dogs, only let it hungry, generally hungry for a day or two is able, not easy to die. Also want to take the dog out for a walk, consume the dog’s heat, and when the dog is tired and hungry, of course, they will eat and drink.

4、 Other problems

If Corgi not only does not eat but also has a very poor spiritual essence. It is sleepy all the time and even has a high fever, nausea and vomiting, and diarrhea, then the pet owner needs to be vigilant. The dog is likely to have a slight or canine distemper and must be sent to a doctor immediately.