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What we should do about the Schnauzer’s diarrhea?

Schnauzer had diarrhea for no reason, and he didn’t like to eat, and the owner didn’t know if it was due to bad food. It’s also necessary to analyze the actual situation in light of the actual circumstances, so that symptomatic treatment can be more effective in assisting Schnauzer.


1. Change Schnauzer’s dog food gradually

If the schnauzer usually has been eating a certain kind of dog food, the sudden change of dog food after the dog will have diarrhea symptoms, which indicates the dog’s gastrointestinal function is more sensitive, less adaptive. There are frequent changes in dog food is the cause of stomach discomfort in dogs, it will cause diarrhea. If the owner wants to change the dog food, it is best to replace the old and new dog food, slowly reduce the use of old dog food, in the dog to take a period of time after no side effects, you’ll be able to replace Your brand-new, upgraded dog food.

2. Indigestion or gastroenteritis

Because Schnauzer’s body is widely deficient in pepsin, eating too much fatty meat, livestock liver, bones, and the like making it very easy to develop indigestion, which can lead to diarrhea. If the owner gives the dog to eat spoilage problems moldy ingredients, exciting ingredients will be very easy to get the dog gastroenteritis. Gastroenteritis symptoms are more serious diarrhea, but also accompanied by nausea and vomiting, stool odor, no appetite, and high fever, and other major manifestations. The owner can moderate to the dog takes the probiotic powder to recuperate the spleen and stomach, helps the dog intestines and stomach to recover as soon as possible.


3. Feeling the canine distemper

If Schnauzer had been tragically infected with distemper, he would have shown signs of lassitude, loss of appetite, rising body temperature, and upper respiratory tract infection. Scientific Research has found that canine distemper begins with an increase in body temperature for 1-3 days. It then dissipates, much like a fever cured by a cold. But after a few days, the dog’s temperature rose again, and the delay was uncertain. This kind of disease on the dog’s injury is quite large, and even a threat to the dog’s personal safety. Therefore, when the owner found that Schnauzer has the above symptoms, must immediately take the dog to the pet clinic inspection, the development of symptomatic treatment.

The owner should not give them anything to eat, especially the chicken liver. Chicken food is very difficult for dogs to digest. Other things like chocolate should not be given to dogs. The best staple food for dogs is dog food, especially for puppies. Because the formula in dog food is the most scientific and nutritious, there are few cases of illness. So the safest thing for the Schnauzer puppies is dog food. When the dog is older and stronger, you can slowly make some dog food by yourself.