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What we should do about Schnauzer’s tear marks?

When the Schnauzer eats sausage or other salty foods, it may have tear marks, which will be due to feeding dogs eat sausage salt composition is relatively high, the dog eat many European markets is very easy to cause the staining, if still more serious version of the staining, pet owner have to immediately adjust dietary collocation, to constantly feed stitching some heavy taste, very easy to hot food, will depart from ingredients for a lighter dish, the salt composition must be low ingredients, including dog food.


1. Choose low-salt dog food

First dog food is a dog’s dinner, if a small pet owner gives the dog eat dog food salt is relatively high, is also very easy to cause tears, this is too much salt intake irritating to the dog’s eyes, tears cause metabolism for intensifying the staining, and therefore should choose low salt dog food or more key, also don’t have to give the dog eat too many sausages.


2. Clean your Schnauzer’s eyes first

If the cheeks of dogs are more remarkable, then will content is more, eye small pet owner can give the dog will things to clear up the eyes, cheeks will also be able to clear up your dog’s first place, can in advance to prepare boric acid powder and saltwater, the cotton ball, first the saltwater and boric acid mixture with suitable proportion, causing a damp face the gunk, symmetrical to the dog’s cheeks, then made might fall into powder itself, such as small pet owner scrub with wet towel paper clean can.



3. Use eye drops

If schnauzer’s eyes have inflammation, such as bacterial infection was irritating, dirt will cause the status of the dog’s eyes swelling, there were a dog’s eyes will meet more things, then the tears will also relatively heavy, for it is to properly handle, clean up the eyes around the points will be first, then apply eye drops to it, every 2 to 3 drops, also can give the dog put on Elizabeth roll, in case it’s catch broken one’s own eyes.

The following diseases can make Schnauzer has tear marks: ear canal infection, nasolacrimal duct blockage, eyelid entropion, lacrimal gland inflammation. When dogs appear above diseases, owners should take them to the pet hospital for treatment in time. As long as the disease is cured, then they will not have the phenomenon of excessive tears. As long as the owner of the dog’s eye hair will stimulate the dog’s eyes, so it will cause the dog’s tears, this problem is easy to find, and it is easy to solve, just trim the dog’s hair around the eye.