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What we should do about Schnauzer’s fever

When Schnauzer had a fever, the first thing the owner thought of might be physical cooling. But there are some novices, it is likely to be very flustered, at a loss. Today, let’s take a look at Chenery’s fever. What should we do about it?


1. Learn to recognize the symptoms of Schnauzer’s fever

Some people may not know what Schnauzer’s fever looks like. First of all, it is obvious that the nose, which is very wet and cool, will become particularly dry. Some dogs will have cracks in their noses. The dog’s mental state is also very poor, in the dog’s nest, do not want to come out, the appearance of fatigue, at this time the owner must not forget to take the dog’s temperature, if more than 39 degrees, it is a fever. The owner can measure the amount at intervals of 10 minutes so that you can effectively master and judge whether the dog is in continuous high temperature, which can also make you react as soon as possible.


2. Treatment method

First of all, when the temperature is measured, the dog is found to have a real fever. The owner can first use physical cooling methods, such as preparing some cold towel to cover the head of Schnauzer, or wrapping the towel with ice cubes and putting it in the dog’s four limbs nest and rubbing back and forth for physical cooling.
In addition, the owner should send Schnauzer to the hospital as soon as possible, because you do not have too much experience to effectively control and treat the dog’s fever.


3. Get medical attention in time

If the owner encounters a schnauzer, the dog suddenly has a high fever. We will use the safest and most scientific way to solve the problem of high fever. That is to go to the pet hospital, wait until the veterinarian diagnosis, then professional, targeted treatment. Otherwise, the owner may delay and aggravate Schnauzer’s fever at this stage of hesitation.