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What we should do about an old Corgi’s illness?

After being together with the pet owner for more than ten years, Corgi’s health is getting worse and worse as it gets older and older. At this stage, even a small cold is not good for a long time. If the cold of a cocky old dog is still not completely cured after a week, the pet owner can refer to the following methods:


1、 Keep warm immediately

When Corgi comes to old age, its physical fitness will become worse and worse. When the average temperature drops sharply, the owner will catch a cold if he does not pay attention to the dog. If Corgi’s cold is serious, pet owners should put cotton cloth and blankets in the area where Corgi sleeps or has theme activities, and put hot water bags or stoves to keep Corgi warm and cool. The owner should not let Corgi sleep on the natural ventilation balcony, or lie down on the cold wood floor to sleep, which will aggravate Corgi’s cold condition.

2、 Pet nutrition and health care products

Pet owners should not only take good care of old corgi and keep him warm immediately but also take pet cold medicine and let him have a good rest. Before Corgi is completely cured, the pet owner should not take Corgiout of the house, in case he suffers from cold again and aggravates the cold. In addition, the owner can’t give Corgi a bath. Even if his hands are dirty, the owner can give him a simple scrub with a warm towel.


3、 Pay attention to vitamin supplement and medical care

At that time, when Corgi was sick again and again, the pet owner also had to give him more vitamins. Corgi caught a cold because of his weak resistance. Therefore, the pet owner should stop feeding Corgi with single natural dog food with nutritional value, and be able to feed some digestible food such as minced meat porridge, big bone soup, and carrot, so as to improve Corgi’s nutritional value. In addition, we should do well in the work of keeping warm. Otherwise, if Corgi still has a cold, it is not easy to get well with a cold.
Pet owners should be more careful and take care of the old Corgi dog so that he can spend his old age safely. As it is like an old man, many physiological functions have declined, so the owner can’t expect it to be the same as before.