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What vegetables can a Schnauzer eat?

Vegetables have certain nutrients, which play an important role in the growth and development of Schnauzer dogs. Therefore, in daily feeding, the owner must also increase the feeding amount of this aspect for Schnauzer. Now let’s take a look at what vegetables the Schnauzer can eat and what benefits will these vegetables bring to the Schnauzer?

There are many kinds of vegetables that Schnauzer can eat. It can eat cabbage, cucumber, carrot, and other food. If it’s a Schnauzer pup, the main feeding method is to cook the food to a certain extent, and then feed the dog, and pay attention to control the amount of a single meal, it is better to eat less and more meals. Carrot is one of Schnauzer’s preferred vegetables. Carrot is the precursor of vitamin A, which can promote the growth and development of the body. After being transformed into vitamin A, it is more helpful to enhance the immune and antibody ability of the body and plays an important role in the prevention of canine epithelial cell carcinogenesis. And carrot contains rich plant fiber, has strong water absorption, can promote pet intestinal peristalsis, prevent pet dog constipation.


1. Pumpkin

Besides fiber, pumpkin is also rich in vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and carotene. Vitamin B2, which contains vitamin B 2, can effectively prevent Schnauzer anemia. Not only that, but often taking pumpkin can also effectively improve the phenomenon of constipation in Schnauzer dogs.

2. Broccoli

Cauliflower is mainly composed of cauliflower and cauliflower. In addition to rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, there is also a lot of food fiber and iron elements, of course, including carotene. This dish is very nutritious, especially since the stem is rich in fiber.

3. Sesame

Sesame can be divided into white sesame and black sesame. However, no matter which kind it belongs to, it is rich in iron and vitamin B, and food fiber is especially easy to be absorbed and digested by the Schnauzer dogs.


4. Potato

Potato is regarded as good food material, not only rich in potassium and a lot of vitamin C, but also because of its low allergy, so it is loved by the owners. It can also make a variety of delicious food and feed it to the Schnauzer dogs. But schnauzer, who has arthritis, or has respiratory problems or is infected with parasites, must not eat potatoes. And the owners must not let the Schnauzer eat the sprouted potatoes by mistake.

5. Sweet potato

Of all these foods, sweet potato has the highest fiber content. In particular, sweet potato also has mucus protein, which can better promote the excretion of those feces accumulated in the intestines of the Schnauzer dogs, so as to help the Schnauzer defecate better.

In addition to dog food and most of the staple food, Schnauzer also needs a kind of other substances, which are usually called vitamins and minerals. We take these trace elements from vegetables. When choosing the vegetables, the owners can not choose the vegetables with high sugar content or a pungent smell. When feeding them, the owners should also pay attention to cleaning and then feeding them, adulterating them in their dog food.