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What Vegetables and Grains Can The Golden Retriever Eat?

The vegetables and grains in the Golden Retriever food are also very important. Golden retrievers can easily become overnourished, obese, and sluggish if they are constantly fed meat. Add grains and vegetables to your dog’s daily diet to supplement the carbohydrate/fiber ratio.

1. Grain for golden retrievers.

The grains golden retrievers can add to their homemade dog food include wheat, barley, oats, rice, rye, corn, and sorghum. Cereal grains are the seeds of the Gramineae, which contain about 12% water, 7%-14% protein, 2%-5% fat, and 70%-75% carbohydrate. Cereal grains contain a lot of vitamin B1, niacin and calcium, etc.


2. Vegetables for golden retrievers.

The edible vegetables of golden hair can be divided into three categories, which are edible whole plants respectively; The roots or tubers are edible; There are three kinds of seeds. Root or tuber vegetables are best for golden retrievers. A vegetable whose whole plant or leaves and stems are edible. Lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, etc. Although they are high in water and fiber, they are not palatable enough for golden retrievers, making them less valuable to eat. A second root or tuber. Such as potatoes, turnips, etc. These vegetables have poor digestibility and it is best to cook the starch into a gelatinized form so that it is easy to digest. These vegetables are preferred by most dogs and are generally recommended to be used in large quantities in golden retriever homemade dog food. The third kind, seed vegetables. Including peas and beans. Although these vegetables are easy for dogs to eat when boiled and steamed, they are often not the main ingredient in their diet.

3. Processing and adjustment of golden retriever food feed.

First of all, we should carry out the steaming of dog feed, which is generally made into semi-flowing porridge paste, green vegetables, and root plants are washed and cut into pieces, together with boiled meat, fish, salt, bone meal and so on into the feed. Vitamin feed, such as yeast, cod liver oil, when feeding can be added again. In addition, refined dog feed can also be made into steamed buns or cakes. When making, change rice to part of white noodles, mix salt, bone powder into concentrate feed together to make, meat and vitamin feed and green vegetables make soup, feed alone, the effect is better. Whether we make porridge paste or steamed cake, do not cook or burned, otherwise, it will affect the palatability and digestion, and absorption of the feed. Because of the raw feed, easy to degenerate fermentation, after the use of dogs easy to cause indigestion.


4. Key points for making dog food:

When we make golden hair feed, we must be careful not to let golden hair eat too salty, so as not to reduce the dog’s appetite, which can also lead to golden hair salt poisoning. In addition, all kinds of vegetables and viscera should be washed with water, minced and cooked, then mixed with vegetables, boil for a short time, make into a mixed meat soup. It is also important to keep food fresh and clean, especially for golden retrievers. Because the Golden Retriever puppy‘s gastrointestinal function is more fragile. All kinds of feed must be processed before feeding, we especially do not use leftovers to feed golden hair. Click here for more information about golden retriever habitat.