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What to know before buying a German shepherd?

German Shepherd is a large breed of dog, originated in Germany (as the name suggests). They are mainly working dogs used to guard cattle. They have been popular in military and police roles in many parts of the world due to their tenacity, amazing intelligence, and unyielding obedience. The average male German Shepherd Dog weighs about 85-86 pounds and is slightly higher than 2 feet, while the female German Shepherd Dog weighs about 64-65 pounds and is usually less than 2 feet tall. Their litter size is about 5-10 years old and their life expectancy is about 10-12 years old.


A brief history of German shepherd dogs.

The origin of the German shepherd dog can be traced back to the middle and late 19th century. As mentioned earlier, the origin of German shepherd dogs can be traced back to the middle and late 19th century. Their original role was to protect cattle from threats. They also played an important role in the German army during the First World War.

The problems to be considered in breeding German shepherd dogs.

German shepherd dogs are very good animals. If you read this article, you are probably seriously considering buying one. This is good news, but before you decide to raise a German shepherd, you have to know something. Any future dog breeder should remember that the German Shepherd is not “another dog.”.

(1) German shepherd dogs need to be active

In other words, German Shepherds need some kind of activity to keep the brain juices flowing all the time. They need careful training. However, this is not to worry about, because German shepherds have a wealth of wisdom, obedience and talent. They just need to be cultivated in the right way.

(2) People who have German shepherd dogs for the first time can be very sad

If you are considering a German Shepherd as your first dog, you may need to think about it again. It is very difficult to train a German Shepherd without dog experience and/or outside help. Given the size and strength of the German shepherd, it is in your best interest to ensure that it is fully trained. You also need to make sure you feed them the right food. Click this link to find out which brands of food are most suitable for feeding this variety.


(3) German shepherd dogs need a lot of practice

Naturally, German Shepherds are very active. In this case, they need a lot of exercises and are very active. Be prepared to take responsibility and make sure your German Shepherd gets the amount of exercise you need if you plan to.

(4) German shepherd dogs are rough

Unlike poodles, German Shepherds can be carried around and pets all day. German Shepherds like to be rough, emotionally or otherwise.

(5) German shepherd dogs will follow you everywhere

You have to forget about any concept of privacy. These lovely creatures will let you take them with you wherever you go, even to the bathroom! On the bright side, it’s unlikely that anyone will attack you under the supervision of a German shepherd dog.