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What should you not do with your Jack Chi?

Would you do something to annoy your Jack chis before you know it? What should you not do with your Jack Chi? However, there may be some things that you or others do that your Jack Chi secretly hates. You may think of something your Jack Chi hates because it’s obvious. Maybe your dog braked when you bathed him. Maybe he’s avoiding hugs or some kind of treatment. When Jack Chi doesn’t do things his way, he may even feel obviously upset or depressed. Even the most leisurely Jack Chi would hate some of the things we humans do. Yes, some things are inevitable, such as going to the vet or dressing up. However, there are other ways we can make our dog relax.

You shouldn’t be in Jack Chi’s private space

Jack Chi often doesn’t like it when humans are on their faces, so you shouldn’t be in Jack Chi’s private space. Think about how it will feel! Avoid putting your hand on the dog’s face, towering over the dog and rushing at them. It’s especially important if Jack Chi doesn’t know you. As a master, if you need to poke and poke your Jack Chi for your own good (such as ear cleaning or brushing teeth), take it slow, gentle, and reward your dog with treatment and / or praise. If your Jack Chi shows appeasement, signs of fear, or aggressive behavior, step back! It’s best to be careful not to be bitten by Jack Chi.

You shouldn’t keep Jack chi from sniffing and exploring while he’s walking

Jack Chi likes walking, not just for exercise. Walking outdoors gives your dog a chance to explore the world. Your dog explores the world primarily by smell and then by other senses (while most people explore the world first by sight). It’s unfriendly to go a long way without your dog stopping to sniff. If you think about it, it’s like someone holding your arm through your favorite store and not letting you stop to look at anything. If that happens all the time, it’s going to be pretty frustrating, isn’t it? So the next time you walk your dog, give it enough time to explore the environment.

Jack Chi lacks routines and rules

Your Jack Chi may not look like that, but he needs rules. If your Jack Chi is cheating, it’s probably because you didn’t teach him the rules. Training is an important part of providing structure in your dog’s life. Routines are important because your Jack Chi has an internal clock. Try to feed your dog at the same time every day. Make an exercise plan, if possible. After a few days of organized rules and routine, you may notice that your Jack Chi is happier. Routines and rules make your dog’s world more predictable and can actually boost his confidence.

You should not punish Jack Chi severely

No one likes to be yelled at or severely punished (for example, spanked). Jack Chi may not understand us, but when you do, they can feel your emotions. If you have a sensitive or scared dog, you may find that this yelling and severe punishment actually disturbs or scares your dog. Fear doesn’t mean respect. You don’t use these methods to strengthen your relationship. Even if your dog is aloof or extremely happy, you may find that shouting and severe punishment don’t help in the long run because your Jack Chi becomes desensitized. Positive reinforcement is usually the most effective way of training. To correct unwanted behavior, you can try to change the direction of your Jack Chi’s behavior instead of yelling or hitting him. Training your dog to “put it down” or “leave it” is a good way to stop your Jack chi from eating or chewing something he shouldn’t be eating. You can teach him to “come here” or “look at me” to get his attention when he does something wrong. Jack Chi promised to reward him. When you make a request, the dog is more likely to listen to you than to say “no” or “stop” indefinitely. Buy a Jack Chi.

You shouldn’t dress Jack Chi


Unless you get your Jack Chi used to dressing (or acting like a dog), your Jack Chi is likely to hate dressing. Many dogs can tolerate clothes or clothing, but most Jack Chi don’t like them. Before you force your dog to wear Rabbit clothing, learn about it! Some Jack Chi like to wear simple clothes, such as shirts, but don’t like to wear things on his head or feet. How important is it that you dress your dog? If your Jack Chi needs to keep out the cold, start with small, light items and connect them to food or other rewards.