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What should you know before keeping a Brittany?

Brittany originated in France and was originally raised as a hunting dog for birds and waterfowl. Brittany, the name of Brittany, comes from the region of the same name in France. It originated in the 17th century. They were often referred to as “Brittany hounds” until the American Kennel Club removed the Spaniel from its name. Brittany dogs are athletic, compact, and strong animals, which are very suitable for outdoor activities, such as sports and hunting. These dogs are sweet and affectionate, love their owners, and are more sensitive and gentle than most other hunting breeds. They are not only great working dogs but also lovely and gentle companion dogs, eager to please and easy to train. Like most working and sporting breeds, these dogs have a rich reserve of energy and don’t like to be kept indoors. They are enthusiastic and active puppies and ideal playmates for children. If you are a positive person, looking for an energetic exercise partner, Brittany may be the ideal choice. Please read on to learn more about this unique and adventurous breed.


The appearance of Brittany

Brittany is a kind of small and medium-sized dog with rich energy reserves. Although it is small, these dogs have great energy and are not suitable for use in apartments or urban houses. They are people-oriented animals. They like to be with their owners, especially children. It’s not good to stay at home for a long time. They are sensitive, loyal, sweet dogs, easy to train, and perfect family mates.

The temperament of Brittany dogs

Brittany is a born happy dog, always optimistic, full of desire for life. In other words, they will feel shy and alert to strangers, so the early socialization of puppies is essential. Because it’s painful for them to be alone, they’ll soon eat everything they can find, and they’ll probably fill your garden with holes. If you go out a lot, they’re not ideal. These dogs are particularly cute, they are friendly, gentle face and expression, and stoic nature. You can be sure that the puppies will be the same, so be ready and irresistible to take one home if you go to see them!


What’s the price of Brittany puppies?

The price of a Brittany puppy depends on several factors, but you can expect to pay between $700 and $1500, with an average median of around $900. They are quite rare dogs and puppies can be hard to get, so the price can vary greatly depending on the specific breeder and availability in your area. You can find a reputable and passionate breeder in your area who can provide you with basic information about your parent’s pedigree and health, as well as specific breed requirements. A breeder who can guarantee your health is also necessary to prevent the occurrence of any genetic diseases. Registered breeders can also provide you with a lot of important information about the breed. You can also spend time with your dog’s parents to better measure your dog’s appearance, size, and temperament.