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What should you know before buying a Tibetan spaniel?

What should you know before buying a Tibetan spaniel? Tibetan spaniel is 10 inches tall. Tibetan Spaniel weighs between 9 and 15 pounds. Tibetan Spaniel’s life expectancy is between 12 and 15 years. Tibetan spaniel is also a non-sports group dog. Tibetan spaniel is also prone to progressive retinal atrophy and patellar dislocation. Tibetan spaniel is recognized by the American dog club and Tibetan Dog Club in the United States.


Tibetan Spaniel was originally raised for sentinel work

Tibetan Spaniel’s eyesight is very good. These dogs work in Tibetan monasteries. They sit on the walls of monasteries like puppies. If there is something wrong, it will certainly disturb monks. Their history is “alerting” dogs to make them perfect dogs if you’re looking for someone to remind you rather than protect your home from any possible intruders. Although Tibetan hounds have good eyesight, routine eyesight tests are important to prevent any health problems. Tibetan spaniel is a vigilant dog. Their short noses are another iconic facial feature.

Tibetan spaniel is very independent

Although the Tibetan spaniel is a perfect warm legged dog eager for human companionship, Tibetan hounds have an independent stripe that is difficult to match. The training ability of Tibetan hounds is very strong, but they usually only do some tasks when they like. When they don’t like doing something, they may walk away.
Tibetan Spaniel was named little lion by Nick
Because of this nickname, the Tibetan spaniel is almost an adored breed. Lions are sacred to Buddhist monks, so the breed becomes sacred. They have never been sold, just given as prestigious gifts. They have a lion’s mane around their neck, which is why they are nicknamed.

Tibetan spaniel is the perfect apartment dog

It’s a breed that will feel at home anywhere. These dogs can even live in small houses. Their relaxed nature makes them suitable for any kind of family as long as they get the necessary physical and psychological stimulation. These dogs would love to curl up on the sofa with you, but they’re just as eager to run on a leash. They like to explore, so if you’re away from work for a long time, it’s good for them to provide them with a lot of mental stimulation. Agility training will be a perfect activity to keep their mind and body sharp and see how this puppy runs!


Tibetan spaniel is naughty

Like many puppies, Tibetan Spaniel likes to play. These dogs like the attention of their owners and like to play with their people instead of toys. Although you can let them play to retrieve or chew a chewing toy, they still prefer to play one-on-one with you.

Tibetan spaniel is moderately friendly to others

This Tibetan Hound is polite in front of other dogs and a little stiff in front of strangers. They are alert and alert in front of strangers. They get along well with most people, but they need to be properly introduced before they trust strangers. They are actually considered a great alert dog. They’ll make sure you know if something’s wrong or if there’s someone nearby who shouldn’t be near.

Tibetan spaniel is not really a hound

Tibetan spaniel is a complete companion dog, not a member of the hound pack at all. The name is just a misnomer from the French word epagnuel, which in the Middle Ages meant companion or comforter. Although they have personalities that are considered hounds, they are not. Even if they are a non-sports group dog, Tibby can be highly active and learn a lot of skills to impress you and your guests.

Tibetan spaniel is very gentle to the children

If you have children of any age, the leisurely temperament of Tibetan Spaniel makes them the perfect family dog. It’s as if they can feel that the child is just a human dog, because they will be the first in the family to gently lure the child to play with them or love them. Even for grip babies and toddlers, they are very gentle and patient.