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What should you know before buying a Snorkie?

What should you know before buying a Snorkie? Snorkie is a hybrid dog. They are from a Miniature Schnauzer and a Yorkshire Terrier. Generally speaking, this kind of hybrid is friendly, affectionate, and fun. Due to the size of the parent variety, they will be a small hybrid variety. Snorers can weigh up to 25 pounds and grow to 7 to 14 inches in adulthood. This article is about how to expect mixed puppies from the Chenery Yorkie – their appearance, personality, health, and how easy to train.


The history of Snorkie

As for Snorkie itself, no one really knows the exact date when Yorkie and Schnauzer first created the designer line together. But it’s common to mix varieties of all kinds! Especially those that are done naturally without artificial insemination.
In fact, Snorkie cross farrowing may have appeared decades before the catchy snuff nickname was mentioned. Looking for a new Snorkie? We need to get to know Snorkie’s parents better.

Is Snorkie healthier?

In fact, according to Dr. Carol Beuchat of the canine Biology Institute, inbreeding contributes more to dog health problems than crossbreeding. In other words, when comparing purebred and hybrid varieties, hybrid varieties are generally less predictable in all aspects. This is because there is no way to predict what qualities a mixed breed dog will inherit from each parent. So, naturally, to apply this to Snorkie, we first need to look more closely at both sides of their genealogy.


The shape of Snorkie

Yorkshire hounds generally weigh about 7 pounds and have shoulder blades 7-8 inches high. A miniature schnauzer is a little bigger than a Yorker and weighs between 11 and 20 pounds. The mini Schnauzer is slightly twice as tall as the Yorker. With this knowledge, you can safely assume that a Snorkie will be within the scope of their parents. According to statistics, most people who snore end up weighing between their parents. But some of the outliers can be very small, like a Yorker, or as big as a miniature schnauzer. There may even be many differences between brothers and sisters in the same nest! But it’s hard for Snorkies to reach 25 pounds unless they overeat. Buy a Snorkie.

Snorkie’s coat

In terms of appearance, Snorkie has a long, silky coat, separated in the middle. Snorkie has a short tone and dark eyes. Snorkie is very different because Snorkie is rough, rough, much shorter than Yorkie’s.