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What should you know before buying a Maltichon?

What factors should we consider when buying maltichon? Maltichon is the perfect size and type to carry around, which is great because maltichon loves human and social interaction. Maltichon is also smart, easy to train at home, always ready to go for a walk and burn some energy. The maltichon looks like a soft, fluffy cotton ball, and its shape and compatibility with other pets are rapidly gaining popularity. Crossbreeding of Maltese (standard, miniature or teacup) and beagle dogs, they get this doll like look from their parents, who are also covered with soft fluff.


The look of maltichon

We should pay attention to the appearance of maltichon before we buy it. Maltichon is a small man with a round face, two dark button eyes, drooping ears and a dark / Brown triangle. To match its fluffy appearance, maltichon has a short hairy tail with relatively short feet relative to the body. Because of their convenient size and good behavior, they are an ideal family pet and are very suitable for apartment life.

Maltichon health

We should also pay attention to the health of dogs when we buy maltichon. Maltichon puppies of any breed are at risk of genetic health problems from their parents.

What’s the price of maltichon?

When we buy Maltichon dog, we should also pay attention to the price of maltichon. But it’s not impossible to find the real maltichon. Depending on the breeder and location, the average price of a maltican puppy ranges from $450 to $1500. Although maltichon is not as expensive as purebred puppies, that’s far from changing. However, trying to find a bargain for your maltichon may mean bringing home the dog with health problems, genetic defects, or an irresponsible breeding who is. According to our research, maltichon is not popular enough to guarantee its own rescue organization. On the contrary, for potential owners who would rather adopt than buy, contacting the local Maltese or Beagle rescue team may be the best option. Let’s look at the common health problems of each parent. Maltese dog hygiene: Maltese breed is considered healthy. Their small size makes the young of this breed delicate. Handle with care.

Common health problems of Maltese

Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA): an inherited heart defect
Dislocation of patella: a hereditary disease: dislocation of the knee
Microvascular dysplasia (MVD): an inherited vascular abnormality of the liver
genetic deafness
Tremor syndrome


Health problems of bisexual dogs

Cushing’s disease: occurs when dogs secrete too much cortisol
Dislocation of patella: a hereditary disease: dislocation of the knee

Hip dysplasia: the rupture of articular cartilage due to abnormal development or injury
Cataract: an inherited abnormality of the lens that causes tissue opacity and can lead to visual impairment.
Maltichon can inherit any of these diseases. However, responsible breeders should screen potential parents to avoid the transmission of genetic health problems to their offspring.
When you’re looking for a maltican puppy, you’ll want to ask a parent about healthy dog breeding. Buy a maltichon.

The life expectancy of maltichon

We also need to know the lifespan of maltichon when we buy it. Every parent can live 12 to 15 years, and a maltichon can live that long with proper health and daily care. Do you want to know what Maltichon full grown look like? You can click here for more information about maltichon dog.