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What should you know before buying a Kuvasz?

What should you know before buying a Kuvasz? Kuvasz is a shepherd dog, native to Hungary. When raised as pets, they are very protective of humans. They need plenty of space, however, while they don’t necessarily need a lot of trekking or running every day, they do need the opportunity to exercise for about a day or two.


Kuvasz is energetic

Kuvasz is not suitable for living in an apartment, considering that they need to tell you anything, maybe close to their most suitable property, not close to their neighbors. Nevertheless, they are kind and gentle dogs, tolerant, and patient with their owners. Kuvasz is also very independent, and when allowed to think independently, they tend to do their best. As a result, it is difficult for them to train. Kuvasz is not considered suitable for first-time dog owners because it combines Kuvasz’s guard and independence. Kuvasz is the most satisfying when he guards livestock. You can take the place of trolleys or sleds, or backpacks, but without something constructive to do, Kuvasz is likely to become boring and disruptive.

Kuvasz needs social training

You have to give Kuvasz enough social training. Kuvasz needs to have extensive contact with friendly people so that they can learn to recognize the normal behavior of good people so that they can recognize differences when others behave abnormally. Without the careful socialization of Kuvasz, Kuvasz may suspect everyone.

Kuvasz will attack animals

Most Kuvasz consider their pets part of their flock. But they have a strong instinct to drive away animals that don’t belong to their families. Many kuwaz people are very dominant or aggressive towards dogs they don’t know. Some Kuvasz is not safe. This powerful breed can seriously harm or kill other animals. Strong temperament. As sheep keepers, Kuvasz is cultivated as an independent mind so that they can protect their vulnerable enemies from any danger. They prefer to make their own decisions, which may not be in line with your decision when you want to raise them as an indoor partner. In other words, Kuvasz is a typical wayward dog. You have to show them through absolute consistency that you mean it.


Kuvasz shed seriously

Kuvasz will lose a lot of hair. You’ll find hair all over your clothes and furniture.

Kuvasz barks a lot

Unless you live on a farm far from your neighbor, Kuvasz should never be left unattended. Kuvasz’s barking will make your neighbor call the police.