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What should we pay attention to when shaving poodle?

The poodle is a kind of dog that needs regular hair repair. If the owner doesn’t care about them, their hair will soon become as messy as the little stray dog. Moreover, the weather is getting hotter and hotter now. There must be a lot of poodle shoveling officers who want to tidy up the heavy hair for them. So we must pay attention to the poodle shaving.

1. It’s better to shave the poodle with a special razor for poodle

The razor used by human beings is not recommended for dogs, and there are many differences between the special razor used by the poodle and our razor. For example, the power of the razor used by the poodle is higher, and there are supporting protective tools. It is easier to choose a special razor to shave the poodle.

2. Some sensitive parts should not be shaved with a razor

It is not recommended to use a razor directly for shaving sensitive parts of the poodle, such as the belly and physiological organs, because the skin in these areas is thin, and it is easy to get red, swollen, or allergic during the contact of the razor. Therefore, when shaving these areas, it is better not to let the razor directly contact the poodle’s skin. It is recommended to wear an isolation brush and other things.

3. If the poodle is not in good condition, it is best to delay shaving

Shaving a poodle is a very physical thing. It’s the same for you and your dog, so it’s best to choose when the dog is physically and healthy.

4. Don’t shave poodle if you are not sure

In fact, it is not recommended to shave the poodle completely, which is not good for the dog itself. In addition, if you are shaving the poodle for the first time, it is not recommended to shave the poodle too short to avoid accidental injury to the dog. In the summer, because of the hot weather, many parents will trim off the long hair of the poodle, so that it can feel cool and avoid heatstroke. Of course, parents should also pay attention to the poodle when they are shearing. If not, try to make a shape when pruning, and pay attention not to hurt it.

5. Shaving sequence:

The owner should choose a suitable shaving knife before shearing the poodle. When shaving the hair on the mouth, the parents should hold the electric scissors in the right hand, hold the poodle’s mouth in the left hand, and then trim it slowly; in addition, shave the poodle from the tip of the eyebrow to the tip of the nose, the cheek, the outer corner of the eye to the root of the ear, and the neck to 1-2 fingers below the laryngeal node.
When trimming the poodle’s hair, the comb should be used first, and the oblique comb should be used to pull up the hair, and then the scissors should be used for horizontal trimming, and then the front feet should be trimmed to make the whole chest appear soft and round; the abdomen should be cut into a diagonal line, and the poodle’s elbow should be tilted upward to the waistline; Buttocks from the hip bone to the tail root 30 degrees, the backline horizontal, the front cut to the elbow vertical upward extension line slightly behind the position.
It should be noted that the undercoat of the toenails should be trimmed when trimming the poodle’s limbs. Separate the thumb and index finger of the poodle from the sole of the foot, and carefully shave off the stray hair between the sole of the foot; trim the bottom of the poodle from the root to the anus according to the “V” shape; in addition, the poodle dog’s tail should be shaved by a third from the root to the tip of the tail.
Of course, if you want to trim the poodle in a beautiful fashion, you should first design a suitable shape, and then trim it according to the standard design.
After pruning, parents can observe the poodle from a long distance to see what’s wrong, and then make appropriate modifications, as long as it is trimmed to a perfect shape.