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What should we pay attention to during Pomeranians’ teething period?

If the Pomeranian’s teeth are too sharp, we can buy a dog chew gum or a grinding stick for the dog to grind their teeth with. Although the dog’s teeth are hard, we should also pay attention to avoid bleeding gums when choosing a bruxer for Pomeranian. We need to change the molars regularly to keep the bones clean. Give your dog a calcium supplement.

what-should-we-pay-attention-to-during-pomeranians-teething period

What should we do if a Pomeranian’s teeth are too sharp?

Pomeranian teeth are too sharp, the owner can buy a dog gum or grinding stick to the dog, let the dog teeth smooth a bit. If the POMERANIAN teeth are too sharp and play with the owner when the owner is easy to hurt the owner, to the dog teeth grinding is necessary. A dog’s teeth will ache and itch when they grow, and it needs something to chew on, otherwise, it will use its owner’s shoes and furniture as objects to grind its teeth.

Avoid Hurting Pomeranian’s gums:

Although Pomeranian’s teeth were hard, the gums were made of flesh and were prone to injury. Be careful when picking out a chew stick for your dog. If you accidentally buy a hard bone, it may cause bleeding gums and excessive injury.

what-should-we-pay-attention-to-during-pomeranians-teething period

Regular Bone replacement:

The grits are usually too heavy for the dog to chew, and Pomeranian may chew on them for a while, then throw them away, only to chew on them again when he is bored. Over time, bones get dirty and full of bacteria, so we need to replace them regularly to keep them clean.

Take Calcium supplements:

Pomeranian teeth need to pay attention to the calcium supplement, so as to grow beautiful strong permanent teeth. You don’t need a special calcium supplement, but it doesn’t hurt the dog.  Teething is a rite of passage for a dog. The owner should interact with the dog during the teeth grinding period, and with the teeth grinding toy, I believe the dog will be happy, of course, a balanced diet is essential.