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What should we do when the Siberian Husky’s diarrhea?

Observe Husky’s condition:

If it’s cold, we’d better give Husky warm water. When we go to bed, we cover Husky with something that doesn’t put the dog’s stomach directly on the floor. The temperature is lower in winter, so you must keep your dog warm. Husky puppies, in particular, have a very low immune system and a very low resistance to infection, which can easily affect the gut. We had better observe the condition of the dog, the most important thing is to pay attention to his mental state and appetite, if it is no different from normal to give it a conditioning stomach. If Husky shows signs of fever and malaise, blood in the feces, heavy eye discharge, lack of food and water, and dry nose, it’s inflammation, so we’d better take him to the pet hospital for further tests.


What causes Husky’s diarrhea:

There are many possible causes of Husky’s diarrhea. If we overfeed or overfeed at a time, it could cause Husky to have diarrhea. Husky has a delicate stomach because of a delicate digestive system and a lack of many digestive enzymes, eating canned or plain meat in a puppy less than three months old can easily lead to indigestion. If you don’t digest it properly, you’ll have diarrhea, and if you leave it alone, it’ll get thinner and thinner, and it’ll cause dehydration, and that can be dangerous. If you are sure you do not have any disease (the home environment and food are hygienic, and the dog is immune), stop feeding canned or undigested food, such as meat, two or three times a day, that way, one day, it’ll work. If we need to control the dog’s diet, you can starve the dog for a day or so, and after every meal does not feed too full, let it gastrointestinal first recuperate, treat the diarrhea of this situation do not be nervous, focus on regulation.

If a dog is born with a bad stomach, it may also cause the dog to have diarrhea. Enteritis also causes diarrhea, and even small dogs also have diarrhea, parasites (parasites need to take medicine to fight worms, it is best to go to the hospital to do a stool test, and then targeted drug use. In addition, because of diarrhea caused by the parasite, we had better give Husky deworming once every three months to completely eliminate the severe infection caused by this phenomenon. If it is the cause of cold diarrhea, we should properly warm the dog and regulate its digestion.


How to treat Husky’s diarrhea?

Since we don’t know the details of Husky’s dog, we’d better take him to the hospital to find out what’s wrong. Early Detection, early treatment. After finding out that Husky has diarrhea, it’s important to observe and stop feeding him. A dog can stop eating for a day, especially if it’s eating animal guts. Be sure to keep warm and don’t let your dog catch a cold, whether it’s drinking water (warm water) or sleeping (put a blanket on the floor; don’t sleep on the floor). So the small dog in the Diet must pay attention to, as well as the sleeping place and the surrounding environment should be regularly disinfected to prevent the dog from catching other diseases. If you still have diarrhea, give it some antidiarrheal. If you take one pill, it takes half a pill. Don’t eat more. Observe again, see how the spirit of the dog, if it is not at ease then go to the hospital check-up, after all, the dog is still small can not cure. Remember to wait for the dog’s body after all good don’t forget to take it to take a shot, or the dog is very poor physical, resistance is very weak especially vulnerable to infectious diseases, the consequences will be very serious! If it is because of eating too much, excessive nutrition and lead to diarrhea, you can fast for a day, do not feed medicine, the next day will be better, this needs the master do not overfeed, balanced nutrition to good. If it’s enteritis, we can give the dog drugs such as Gentamicin or oxytetracycline.