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What should we do when the Samoyed lacks calcium?

Samoyed, known as the snow fairy, always smiling, a picture of innocence, people look good mood. It is smiling, running, the snow-white figure just like snow out of the spirit, the beautiful people like the heart-stirring Samoyed heaven-sent angels, more people’s lives bring infinite joy, deserve more love. Samoyed is a medium-sized dog, especially in early childhood to pay special attention to nutrition to keep up, otherwise in 3-6 months of rapid growth, maybe due to nutrition can not keep up with low immunity or calcium deficiency, now pet home, unable to feed and grow naturally, contrary to its natural growth and development and foraging methods, a portion of single dog food can not meet the nutrition of samoyed growing period, especially calcium, generally need additional supplement to ensure normal growth and development. Calcium is the mineral most needed by mammals for healthy growth and micronutrient. At present, the calcium products on the market can be divided into three categories: Inorganic Calcium, organic calcium, and chelated calcium. The earliest inorganic calcium has a low absorption rate, and the use of inorganic calcium in Samoyed has little effect, so it is not recommended. Organic calcium is easier to absorb than inorganic calcium, but the content of calcium is relatively low. Large amounts of calcium take a long time to be effective. It’s gonna takes a lot of time and energy.


What are the symptoms of calcium deficiency in Samoyed?

Severe Calcium deficiency in Samoyed can lead to a variety of bone problems, such as joint deformities, x-shaped legs, o-shaped legs, and rib eversion. In addition, we will find that the calcium-deficient samoyed dogs have obvious deformation in the leg joints, leg distortion. As the dog’s toes are separated, it’s obvious that the dog’s unsteady gait is caused by the dog’s unsteady landing on the ground. When the dog is severely calcium deficient, the dog may experience muscle weakness and drool. In addition, if the dog and other dogs of the same age, less hair color darker then we should pay attention to the dog’s calcium supplements. The Samoyed does not love to move, always feel weak, do not want to walk or run, which may also be caused by calcium deficiency. If the dog tooth replacement period did not give timely calcium, then the dog teeth will not fall out, permanent teeth slow growth, and so on, so will lead to the dog teeth are not aligned, gap larger, and other problems. Samoyed dogs have a sweet smile and can easily run out of calcium if they don’t take their supplements.


What should the samoyed eat to make up calcium?

Samoyed’s calcium deficiency is often accompanied by hyperparathyroidism, weightlessness, and softening of the bones. Early-onset of symptoms in the Maxilla, followed by degeneration of the Alveolar bone and gums, and tooth loss. Serious calcium deficiency, growing dogs appear rickets: adult dogs may twitch, bleeding, spontaneous fractures, you can give the dog some milk chelated calcium tablets to promote bone recovery in dogs.

We also have to give the dog more exercise (the exercise doesn’t mean we want Samoyed to run every day, but we want Samoyed to walk more), and we have to give Samoyed more sun, after less than a month of improvement, we adjusted Samoyed’s diet to keep the dog’s weight under control. Soon we’ll be able to get the dog back in shape! We can provide a good environment for the samoyed dog to develop a good body.