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What should we do when the Pomeranian has a fever?

1. What’s a Pomeranian’s normal temperature?

A Pomeranian’s normal body temperature should be between 38 and 39 degrees. To determine if he has a fever, take his temperature. Place the thermometer in Pomeranian’s anus. If the Pomeranian’s temperature exceeds 39 degrees for a prolonged period of time, the dog has a fever. If the Pomeranian’s temperature reaches 40.5 degrees, the dog has a high fever. In determining whether a Pomeranian has a fever, it is important that Pomeranian’s body temperature remains at a high level over a longer period of time, because there are many factors in life that can cause a temporary fever, say just play Sports Pomeranian, its body temperature may be on the high side, so to determine whether Pomeranian fever, but also for a long time to observe the body of Pomeranian, to see its temperature status.


2. Pomeranian’s fever symptoms

Low Spirits

When Pomeranian appears to be flaccid, prone to such phenomena, we need to pay attention, do not think that the weather caused the dog to this situation. The POMERANIAN only glances at you out of the corner of his eye and wags his tail when you call, which is definitely a sign of physical discomfort, so be on your guard.

Loss of appetite

Pomeranian uncomfortable, no spirit, of course, there is no big drop in the desire for food, the most indifferent to lick a few mouthfuls, then face down in pain.


Other symptoms of fever include very rapid breathing and red whites of Pomeranian’s eyes.

3. What should we do if a Pomeranian has a fever

Drink plenty of water

First let Pomeranian drink water, to promote Pomeranian urination, reduce body temperature, but there is a case of Pomeranian does not use, that is, canine distemper combined with small Pomeranian dogs, should first treat small, and then concentrate on the treatment of canine distemper, never give it water, or it will make it sicker.

Take the Tylenol

If the fever doesn’t go down, we can give Pomeranian something to break it. We must consult a good veterinarian before using fever medicine, once the medication will interfere with the treatment of the dog.

Rub with alcohol

We can use 75% alcohol or warm water to wipe pomeranian limbs, chest, back, and neck can also use cold water or cold water-soaked towel cold compress.


Watch what your dog eat

We must pay attention to the dog’s food hygiene, during the fever dog food must be light, we can not give Pomeranian to eat greasy food.

Let’s get it to the hospital

If we want to make Pomeranian fever quickly, or do not know how to do, we need to time from the dog to the pet hospital, can first take the dog to the hospital for a blood test, no problem, the direct injection can be the fever.