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What should we do when the Golden Retriever lacks calcium?

Calcium supplements should be taken in stages for golden retrievers. Golden retrievers who need calcium supplements are usually puppies and older golden retrievers. Adult Golden retrievers are fully developed and generally do not need additional calcium. Of course, we should also rule out some special circumstances, such as golden retriever adults still have a serious lack of calcium, for this reason, to the golden retriever calcium is necessary.

After the Golden Retriever is weaned, we can start trying to give the dog calcium supplements. (note that many small breeds do not need calcium supplements for a period of time after lactation or weaning, mainly because of size.) Golden retrievers are large and have healthy bones, after successful weaning should pay attention to its calcium supplement.


Diet and medicine for calcium:

There are two ways to give a golden retriever calcium supplement, diet, and medication. Simply put, a diet is one that prepares the golden retriever for a more nutritious diet, and a calcium supplement is, of course, a choice of calcium supplements or injections to complete the calcium supplement for the dog. It should be noted that, unless the golden retriever has a serious calcium deficiency, we generally take diet to the body of the golden retriever calcium. Both puppies and seniors get their calcium in the same way. For example, prepare some calcium-rich food, or choose the Valley of high calcium tablets mixed in the dog’s daily diet, has achieved the goal of calcium. Although it is slow to give Golden Retriever calcium through food supplements, owners should also plan a reasonable diet plan for them and give them more calcium-containing foods, which can reduce their symptoms of calcium deficiency, such as shrimp skin, bean products, kelp, bone soup and so on. Still want to give them feed a few fresh fruits, vegetable more, a compensatory vitamin for them, can promote the absorption of calcium.

Pay attention to the calcium absorption of the golden retriever:

In addition, just because we gave Golden Retriever a calcium supplement doesn’t mean the process is over. We must help the golden retriever to successfully absorb calcium in order to achieve the effect of calcium. For this reason, parents should pay attention to two points: first, Supplement Calcium and also pay attention to the vitamin supply; vitamin needs to be supplemented, but the vitamin A supplement must be moderate because large amounts of vitamin A will inhibit the absorption of Calcium; second, take golden retriever sunbathing, because the sun in the UV can better help golden retriever body absorb calcium, improve the efficiency of calcium supplements.


How to supplement calcium for an old golden retriever:

The aged golden retriever is short of calcium and is prone to osteoporosis, leg weakness, and leg weakness, so the owner should pay attention to supplying calcium appropriately to the aged golden retriever at ordinary times, but it is also very particular to supply calcium to dogs. If the way of supplying calcium is not correct, the dog Body does not absorb, the owner how to give old dog calcium is useless. The owner wants to give the old dog calcium words the owner must start from the dog’s Daily Diet. Pay attention to the reasonable diet structure of dogs, do not only give old dogs to eat a portion of single dog food, because the nutrients in dog food are very few, but the owner can also give dogs to eat some calcium-rich food, such as shrimp or Tofu skin, and so on, give the dog some fruit and vegetables. Click here for more information about golden retriever habitat.