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What Should We Do When the Chihuahua Lacks Calcium?

What does Chihuahua eat to complement calcium? Before giving chihuahuas calcium supplements, we should first find out why dogs lack calcium. For example, Chihuahua Absorption Function, or poor conversion function, or a serious lack of calcium, and so on, can lead to a lack of calcium Chihuahua. Giving Chihuahua calcium also needs appropriate, too much too little Chihuahua is not healthy.


Address the situation of Chihuahua calcium deficiency:

After finding out the cause of Chihuahua Calcium deficiency, we can specifically address the situation of dog calcium deficiency. If you don’t get enough calcium, prepare more calcium-rich foods or calcium supplements. If the Chihuahua is weak in gastrointestinal absorption, then recuperating the dog’s gastrointestinal health is the most important. In addition, if it is because of poor body conversion function Chihuahua, then parents should take Chihuahua to do more exercise, more sunbathing, to promote the nutritional transformation of the dog body, to achieve the goal of calcium.

Pay attention to vitamin supplements:

We should also pay attention to vitamin supplements when feeding calcium-rich foods to chihuahuas. For example, vitamin A should be given in the proper amount. A proper amount of vitamin A can promote the transformation and absorption of calcium nutrition, but too much vitamin A can easily lead to Chihuahua vitamin A poisoning, seriously affecting the absorption of calcium, which Causes Calcium deficiency in Chihuahuas. The food we give to Chihuahuas should be clean and fresh. Utensils such as food bowls should be kept clean at all times. After the dog has eaten, we should provide clean drinking water.

Make good use of sunshine:

In daily life, Chihuahuas can also be given calcium-rich foods such as bone soup, Tofu, shrimp skin, egg yolks, and so on. However, the effect of this diet is slow and requires the patience of pet owners. But if our dog’s calcium deficiency is serious, simple dietary supplements are not very effective. And some dogs gastrointestinal absorption capacity is weak, the body of calcium conversion function is also relatively poor. In this way, the dog is not a good calcium absorption, so it can not achieve the ideal effect of calcium. We can use the warm sun at this time, the sun can be a good boost to the dog’s body blood circulation, to promote more normal metabolism. In addition, normal dog skin contains a kind of dehydrocholesterol, which can also be converted into vitamin D3 under UV irradiation, which can better promote the absorption of calcium nutrition in dog bones, this can better prevent dogs from rickets and other bone diseases. So while eating calcium products, we had better take the dog out properly to bask in the sun.


Chihuahua is born to eat small, but metabolism is very fast, very easy hunger, it is best to feed several times a day. The feed had better be to give priority to dry feed, moderate collocation a few wet feed. Chihuahua is very gluttonous, must pay attention to the prevention of its obesity problem. We’d better give it 60-90 grams of meat a day. For Larger Chihuahuas, we only need about 150 grams of meat per day, plus we need to give our chihuahuas a similar amount of vegetables and biscuits. Chihuahua is not cold-resistant, so its food should also be warm, meat should be cooked first, chopped, and dry feed and warm water mixed before feeding. Understand the above calcium knowledge, we quickly for the health of Chihuahua action.