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What should we do when the Alaskan Malamute lacks calcium?

How does Alaska get calcium? Different breeds and sizes of dogs get calcium in different ways at different ages. But dogs of any size do not need calcium during lactation because they can get it from breast milk. With different breeds and sizes of dogs at different ages, calcium supplementation methods are different. But dogs of any size don’t need calcium during lactation because they get a lot of it from their mother’s milk. The bigger the dog, the faster the growth rate, the greater the demand for calcium, general puppy food contains calcium is difficult to meet their growth needs. We need to give the Alaskan puppy some calcium. We also need to remember to give the dog more sunshine.


1. Different periods of Alaskan Malamute:

Once Alaskan Malamute is an adult, a dog fed dog food doesn’t need to take calcium supplements alone. Because in this period, the dog’s bones and other organs of growth and development have basically stopped, the demand for calcium is very small. A male dog and a pregnant and lactating female still need a lot of calcium, as both the embryonic dog and the milk cause a lot of calcium loss from the body. If it can not be replaced in time, it will lead to osteoporosis. Postpartum lactation of the female dog will be due to low blood calcium concentration caused by acute postpartum calcium deficiency. Its symptom is limb convulsion, the whole body is stiff, the body temperature can rise to 40 °C above, cause coma and death even.



2.Some ways to provide calcium:

Alaska is a large dog, its body in the process of growth and development, the intake of calcium is very much, ordinary dog food contains less calcium, usually, its owner has been feeding it dog food and meat, less calcium-rich food, well, it is easy for it to be short of calcium, and there are some conditions such as leg deformation and body shivering. At this time, dog food should continue to be fed. You can give it more food with high calcium content, such as kelp, seaweed, shrimp skin, bean products, etc., when cooking these foods, use fewer condiments and make them as light as possible. Then they are fed with a little Wang Li. As the stomach in Alaska is difficult to absorb calcium, you can give your dog some fruits and vegetables to help him absorb calcium after a meal, or Take Alaska out in the sun for a while, exposing its body to the Sun. The Sun Creates Substances in Alaska that help absorbs calcium, which it indirectly supplements.