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What should we do if the Siberian Husky get a heatstroke?

When Husky has a heatstroke, we need to provide scientific and thoughtful care to Husky Husky, because heatstroke causes a lot of trouble and can be very harmful to the dog. But for many owners with no breeding experience, we have no idea whether Husky is suffering from heatstroke, which is also a problem for us. We first have to determine if Husky is suffering from heatstroke, to learn how to treat heatstroke in dogs. Husky suffers from heatstroke, which causes weakness in the limbs, burning skin, confusion, and even sudden fainting.


1. Judge heatstroke by Husky’s behavior

Most dogs that are as breathless as a cow can be rejuvenated by simply rehydrating and resting in the shade. But when they get too hot, the effects of heatstroke can follow. There are signs of heatstroke when the Husky appears to be panting, fidgeting, barking, and drooling. The dog then begins to gasp, raise its head, or stare, and if not handled properly, it goes into shock, coma, and eventually death.

2. Husky’s other diagnosis of heatstroke

To determine whether a dog is suffering from heatstroke, the owner can use touch or observation in addition to external behavior and reactions. For example, whether the pet is in a hot, hot environment, whether the body temperature is much higher than usual. Or from the pet abdomen hairless parts of observation, pet dog skin whether the occurrence of flush, bleeding spots, blood spots, and so on, maybe signs of heatstroke.


3. Why Husky is prone to heatstroke

Because the dog’s fur is thicker, and the body surface large area lacks the sweat gland, can not pass through the perspiration the way to dissipate heat, therefore, the dog is very weak to the heat tolerance, the thermoregulation ability is weak. They can only by mouth-opening in the hot season, rapid breathing and saliva to take away more body heat, but after all, they can not normal sweat, and will not stop their activities because of the hot weather, more will not take care of their own body at any time to replenish water, therefore, the dog than our human heatstroke probability to be many times higher!

4. The cause of Husky’s heatstroke

In high temperature and poorly ventilated places or during exercise in extreme heat, the temperature of the environment is higher than the body temperature, and the heat emission is limited, which can not maintain the normal metabolism of the body, resulting in a rise in body temperature. There are many causes of heatstroke in a pet dog, such as prolonged exposure to the sun, or playing too much, being too tired, not being well ventilated, having too much humidity in the air, or being in a crowded place where the heat is concentrated, this is the most likely to make the dog’s meninges a lot of congestion, cerebral cortex blood supply is insufficient and sudden heatstroke.

When raising Husky in the summer, we should pay close attention to and understand the phenomenon of heatstroke. This is also a big thing for Husky. We should not take the dog out easily, too much sunshine can also damage Husky’s health, which can cause problems for us, so we have to be extra careful not to let anything happen.