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What should we do if the poodles catch a cold?

In fact, a cold is an unavoidable disease in the growth process of any dog. No matter the symptoms of a cold or the treatment, there is no difference in the actual use. However, there are differences in the actual application. If our cute and petite poodle has a cold, what should we do? Let’s take a look at the treatment measures for the poodle’s cold.

1、 Transfer the poodle to a warm room

During the period of cold, the resistance of the poodle is poor. Let it stay in a cold place, such as the wind outlet, will make the poodle’s cold can not get better, and even aggravate its condition.
When necessary, the entire room should be turned on to warm the poodles. If there is no heating, move to a room with no wind. When the poodle wants to rest, it should be covered with a small blanket (a hot water bag should be placed next to it in winter), which helps to drive away from the cold and recover health as soon as possible.

2、 Take cold products in time to improve cold

If the poodle’s cold symptoms are serious and cannot be cured by itself, the owner should give the dog some cold products in time to relieve the cold. There are special medicines for dogs on the market. There are some novice owners will give dogs to eat people to eat cold medicine, here to remind owners, do not give dogs to take people’s cold medicine at will. Because people eat cold medicine, some ingredients are not suitable for dogs to take, there will be side effects, even death.

3、 Injection of drugs for the treatment

General poodle cold will not be very serious, breeders need not rush to send the poodle to the hospital. After following the permission of the veterinarian, simple treatment such as Bupleurum injection 1-2 ml, intramuscular injection, twice a day; penicillin 50000 units/kg body weight, intramuscular injection, twice a day.
To sum up, if you don’t have any breeding experience, don’t be presumptuous in giving dog medication. The only thing you can do is to take the dog to a faraway hospital in time, which is also the safest and reliable way.