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What should we do if the poodle is too fat?

We may think about the hard life and poor conditions in the past, not only did you have a problem with satiety, but also you might easily suffer from severe illness if you don’t pay attention to it. But now the living standard is better, not only people, but even poodles are popular with “wealth disease”. What is “wealth disease”? Where did it come from? What impact will it have on the poodle? As the owner, do you know? Poodle’s “wealth disease” is not only physical pain but also a lot of diseases are approaching quietly.

1. Fat:

It is easy to lead to obesity and a series of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in VIP dogs.

2. Carbohydrate:

Similarly, excessive intake can lead to body weight gain.

3. Protein:

Excessive protein intake will require liver degradation and kidney excretion, which can easily lead to kidney disease.

4. Minerals:

If the dog calcium intake is too much, it may cause a series of orthopedic related diseases. For example, hypertrophic chondrodysplasia, dysplasia of the hip joint, segmental chondritis, and deformation of the radius and ulna of the forelimb and so on. It may also cause non-orthopedic diseases, such as phosphorus and sodium, which can easily increase the kidney disease risk index or worsen the kidney condition. There are also cardiovascular diseases, stones and skin calcinosis and so on.

5. Vitamins:

Excessive intake of vitamin D can lead to increased blood calcium concentration, growth stagnation, and sometimes even death from toxemia due to severe kidney damage. Excessive intake of vitamin C can cause acidosis, gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, allergic reactions, and so on.
With the more and more developed economy, our life is getting better and better, and the negative effects are gradually emerging, especially the problem of over nutrition, which can cause obesity and other diseases for people, let alone poodle dogs. There must be a great health crisis. Therefore, in order to prevent the injury of “rich and noble disease”, parents should pay attention to the diet of poodle dog carefully, pay attention to the balanced nutrition, and don’t only know how to give the poodle meat!